Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Yard Sale/Flea Market Finds

The second Saturday in June Joe and I stopped at our favorite monthly church flea market, and I picked up some great deals.  The baskets were perfect for my utensil drawer, and the hall closet we just made-over (post coming soon).
Large Rectangle Basket $1
Large Round Basket $1
3 Small Rectangle Baskets $1 ea = $3
1 box Crystal Light Mix $1
Total: $6

The 22nd Joe and I sat up at a flea market, and didn't really do very well, but I did score some deals while we were there.
5 boxes Crystal Light $1 ea = $5
1 bag Snyder's Pretzels $1.50
1 Cookie Flipper $0.50
1 Pregnancy Book (for future reference): $1.50 (was $2)
Total: $8.50

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 06/23-29/2013

This week I didn't do a whole lot of shopping.  I had a major head cold for some reason, but I did get a LOT of painting done in the house this week.  Almost all the doors, windows, and closets have gotten a fresh coat of white paint.  However, I emptied my gallon, so I have to go buy another before I can finish.  I only have two rooms left, which is 5 windows, 1 closet, and a little trim - WAHOO!  Everything looks so nice and fresh.  Here's how the shopping went this week...
  • Monday's Giant Trip (Hot Cocoa and Milk): $5.73 oop
  • Tuesday's BJ's Trip (Crystal Light and Salt Ham, used 1 Coupon): $7.73 oop
  • Tuesday's Dollar Tree Trip (2 boxes DayQuil, 2 bags Chex Mix): $4 oop
  • Wednesday's ALDI Trip (Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, 2 bags BBQ Kettle Chips - So Yummy!, 2 boxes Fruit and Grain Bars for Joe, 1 loaf White Bread): $12.18 oop
  • Saturday's Shopper's Trip (2 Newspapers): $3.99 oop
Total OOP: $33.63!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frugal Finds Friday: Mending Clothes

When money is tight, it is especially important that you make the most of what you have.  This concept can easily be applied to clothes - use it up and wear it out.  Many of the clothing items I have purchased over the years, including Wal-mart and thrift store items, can be worn for many years, if mended properly.  More often than not buttons fall off, and hems drop before the rest of the item is worn out.  So, I spent Thursday sewing buttons onto a pair of capris, and a pair of shorts.  I fixed the hem in one shirt, and sewed a 'tack' stitch back into the sleeve of another.  I whip-stitched a tear in an apron, and a loose spot on the back of my husband's favorite tie.  By taking an hour one afternoon, and doing a little mending, I saved 6 items from probably ending up in the trash because they were no longer wearable.  I also saved myself money since I didn't need to replace these items.  So take a little time one day and mend those items you've been meaning to, after all, it's the frugal thing to do!  :)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 06/26/2013!

Here are some of the great deals at ALDI this week...
  • Wednesday 06/26 ONLY: Fresh 73% Lean Ground Beef Chub 5 lb $8.99 ea
  • Wednesday 06/26 ONLY: Fresh Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.79/lb
  • Organic Bananas 2 lb bundle $1.38 ea
  • Organic Romaine 18 oz 3 pk $2.19 ea
  • Sweet Corn 4 pk $1.59 ea
  • Cherries $2.99/lb
  • Watermelon $3.99 ea
  • Strawberries $1.29/lb
  • Blueberries $1.29/pint
  • Cantaloupe $1.49 ea
  • Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Breasts 48 oz $5.99 ea
  • L'oven Fresh White Hotdog Buns 12 oz $0.89 ea
  • L'oven Fresh NY Style Cheese Cake 40 oz $8.99 ea
  • Tuscan Garden Dressing Bacon Ranch, or Raspberry Vinaigrette 16 oz $1.29 ea 
  • Clancy's Bug Dippers or Chili Cheese Corn Chips 9.25 oz $1.19 ea
  • Kitchen Living Pineapple Slicer $2.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living 8 pc Nesting Bowl Set (1 strainer, 1 colander, 2 mixing bowls, and 4 measuring cups) $9.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living 3 pc Colored Knife Set (Paring, Tomato, and Santuko) $9.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Watermelon Knife (11" blade) $4.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Iced Serving Bowl 6.5 Qt $16.99 ea
  • Reeva Pomegranate or Berry Ultra Liquid Dish Soap 24 oz $1.89 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tempt Your Tummy Tuesday: Baked Nachos

Going along with last week's taco salad, I thought I would share my version of nachos.  The unhealthy to my healthy if you will.  Anyway, they are just as simple as the taco salad, and they take a lot of the same ingredients.  These nachos are another one of my husband's favorite meals.  We eat them about once a month, and definitely on Super Bowl Sunday!  Here's how it goes down...

  • Taco Beef/Chicken
  • Shredded Cheese (I like mild cheddar)
  • Salsa
  • Sour Cream
  • Tortilla Chips and Doritos 
  • Jalapenos and Sliced Black Olives
  • Beans (if you desire, I like to add extra pintos to my half, re-fried would be okay too)
  1. Add a layer or Tortilla/Doritos Chips to your baking dish (I mix the two together).
  2. Top with a layer of meat (and beans if using).
  3. Top with a layer of cheese.
  4. Repeat all three layers.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10-15 minutes depending on your oven.
  6. Add your favorite toppings (I like just salsa and Sour Cream on mine, Joe likes jalapenos and olives on his as well, and you can't go wrong with a little guacamole).  Dig in, and try to be good and share with others. :)
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Menu Plan Monday: 06/24/2013!

This week Joe and I are going to his grandfather's house to unload after Saturday's sale.  Joe is going away for two days this week, so I plan to paint all the doors/trim/windows in the apartment while he is gone.  It should be a good week.  Here's what's on the menu for this week...

Breakfasts: Cold Cereal, Waffles, Eggs and Toast

Lunches: Leftovers, Salads, and/or Sandwiches

Dinners: (all served with veggies or salad)
Sunday - Homemade Pizza
Monday -Fruited Chicken Salad Sandwiches, with Chips, and Pickles
Tuesday - Dinner with Joe's Grandfather, probably at Applebee's
Wednesday - Chicken Fajitas, and Mexican Rice
Thursday - Frozen Diet Meal for me
Friday - Dinner with my sister:Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Pasta with Meat Sauce, and Garlic Bread

Extras: Brownies

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 06/16-22/2013

This week was not a pay week, but we were out of cat food.  So I was glad that I had a little stashed away because I stocked back up at Target, and got an awesome deal!  I also rolled my ECB's at CVS, and picked up a few coupon deals at the grocery store.  Overall, a pretty simple week; I like those!
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $8.06 oop, Earned $4 ECB's
  • Sunday's Target Trip: $44.83 oop, Earned $10 Target Gift Cards ($5 x 2)
  • Thursday's ALDI Trip (loaf of bread and bag of shredded mozzarella cheese): $4.19 oop
  • Thursday's Giant Trip (5 Meal bars, used 1 coupons): $4.36 oop
  • Thursday's Dollar Tree Trip: $8 oop (used 2 coupons for the pepperoni)
  • Saturday's Shopper's Trip (2 newspapers): $3.99 oop
  • Saturday's Flea Market Finds (Post coming soon): $8.50
Total OOP: $81.93 - $14 Earned Rewards/Gift Cards = Net OOP: $67.93!!!!!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

February's Freezer Cooking Results

Freezer Cooking Results
 Cooked Pinto Beans: 5-1c pkgs + enough for the Nachos and Taco Meat
 Homemade Chili's-style Salsa
 Homemade Chip Cookie Dough: 4 batches, White Chocolate, Butterscotch Chip, and 2 Milk Chocolate Chip
Taco Meat: 5-1c pkgs + Nachos and a little leftover
Cooked Beef 1/2 lb pkg x 2, Cooked Beef with Onions 1/2 lb pkg x 2
 4 - 1/2 batches Pizza Dough (each 1/2 batch makes Joe and I each a personal pizza)
Homemade Bone Broth x 2

Yard Sale Finds for May

I'm finally getting around to posting my yard sale finds from May.  Joe and I hit a lot of sales, and grabbed up a lot of good deals, here's our great finds...

 We stopped out to Mt Airy Days, which is HUGE!  I had never been, so it was a wonderful surprise! 
Wicker Trash Can (Transformation post coming) $1
2 Children's Books 2/$1
1 Table Linen $1
1 Air Pump (Joe uses these for the grill) $0.75
Total: $3.75

The above finds are from 2 yard sales we hit one weekend.
Basket $0.25
Jar $0.75
Total: $1

 This Saturday we stopped at a church flea market and a nice little yard sale.
Pitcher $1
4 Crystal Light mixes $1 ea = $4
Total: $5

Grand Total for May: $9.75!

Frugal Finds Friday: 'Swiffer' Solution Recipe

I bought a refillable Libman 'swiffer' mop a couple of years ago, and LOVE that I can wash and reuse the scrub pads, as well as refill the solution container.  It saves me money, and is very Eco-friendly!  To save money even further, I make up my own cleaning solution.  It's so simple, and only takes 3 ingredients, so you should try it out if you can...
  1. Take solution container and fill 1/3 with white vinegar.
  2. Add a large squirt of dish soap; I use Dawn cause it's what I have, but I have used Ivory as well.
  3. Fill the container the rest of the way up to the fill line with water.  Gently shake to combine.  
  4. Go clean your floor!
What are your frugal finds for this week?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 06/19/2013

Here are some of the great deals this week at ALDI...
  • Roseland Baby Back Pork Ribs Original or Honey Garlic 24 oz $8.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Patriotic Cake Mix $0.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Patriotic Marshmallows 10 oz $0.99 ea 
  • Baker's Corner Regular Marshmallows 10 oz $0.89 ea
  • Choceur Milk Chocolate 5.29 oz $1.49 ea
  • Benton's Graham Crackers 14.4 oz $1.49 ea
  • L'oven Fresh Everything Bagels 20 oz $1.69 ea
  • Great Gherkins Refrigerated Kosher Dill Pickles 32 oz $2.69 ea
  • Nature's Nectar All Natural Lemonade, Limeade, or Raspberry Lemonade 59 oz $1.99 ea
  • Friendly Farms Mocha or Vanilla Iced Coffee 64 oz $3.49 ea
  • Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Breasts 48 oz $5.99 ea
  • Lunch Buddies Pudding Cups 4 pk 13-14 oz $0.89 ea
  • Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice 32 oz $2.99 ea
  • Boulder July 4th Tableware 8-18 ct $0.89 ea
  • Adventureridge Foldable Flag Print or Mesh Chair With Carrying Case $9.99 ea
  • Range Master Portable Charcoal Grill $13.99 ea
  • Crane Ladder Ball $16.99 ea
  • Crane Bean Bag Toss $14.99 ea
  • Strawberries $1.59/lb
  • Blueberries $1.49/pint
  • Honeydew $1.89 ea
  • Red Grapes $2.78/2 lbs
  • Cantaloupe $1.49 ea
  • Peaches, Plums, and Nectarines $0.39 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tempt Your Tummy Tuesday: Taco Salad

 Taco Salad is one of my husband's favorite meals, and I am also pretty fond of it myself.  It is healthier than a plate of nachos, but tastes just as good, and is super simple to make.
All you need is...
  • Taco Beef/Chicken
  • Shredded/Torn Lettuce
  • Shredded Cheese (I like mild cheddar)
  • Salsa
  • Sour Cream
  • Crushed Tortilla Chips (like those in the bottom of the bag, Doritos are tasty too)
  • Any salad veggies/legumes you like (I like bell pepper, cucumber, carrots, and extra pintos)
  • Salad dressing (optional, I like just some sour cream and salsa mixed together, Joe prefers things a little more fattening wet)
  1. Place lettuce and salad veggies/legumes in desired bowl.
  2. Heat up your taco meat (I make beef ahead and time and freeze it, so all I have to do is nuke it)
  3. Add crushed chips to veggies.
  4. Top with meat, and cheese, and any other toppings/dressings you desire.
  5. Serve immediately, and enjoy!

Sunday's Target Trip

I read on a blog that Target was going to have the cat food deal this week where you buy two bags and get a $5 gift card, which was a God-sent miracle, 'cause we were out of cat food.  So Joe and I quickly ran made a leisurely stop at Target on Sunday before they were out of said Cat Chow.  I used a few other coupons while we were there.  Here's what we ended up with...

4-16 lb Cat Chow Cat Foods (2 Original and 2 Indoor, not pictured) $15.29 ea - $3.30 ea Sale - $5/2 Target Coupon x 2 - $1/1 MC x 3 - $5 Target Gift Card wyb 2 x 2 = 4/$24.96 ($6.24 ea!!!!)
2-40 ct boxes Up and Up Freezer Zip Bags $2.49 ea - $0.38 ea clearance = 2/$4.22
2 Up and Up Pump Hand Soap (which took incredibly too long to find - Dear Target, please don't move things to weird places, thank you!) $0.89 ea - $0.50/1 Target Coupon x 2 = 2/$0.78 ($0.39 ea)
2 large Up and Up Rubbing Alcohols $1.97 ea - $0.50/1 Target Coupon x 2 = $1.47 ea or 2/$2.94
+ $1.98 Tax
- $0.05 Reusable Bag Credit 
- $5 Gift Card from Previous Purchase
Total OOP: $44.83 - $10 Earned Gift Cards = Net OOP: $34.83!!!

Sunday's CVS Trip

This week I wanted to stop into CVS to start stocking up on soda for our vacation in August, and I grabbed a few other good deals while I was there...

3-12 pks Coke Products (not pictured) $6.29 ea - $7.87 Sale - $3 ECB's wyb 3 = 3/$8
2 Fruit Waters $1.27 ea - $0.27 ea Sale - $1 ECB's wyb 2 = 2/$1
1 bag Gummy Bears $0.99 - $0.25/1 CVS Coupon = $0.74
1-8 ct CVS Sleep Aid $1.99 - $1.50 clearance = $0.49
+ $0.83 Tax
- $7 ECB's used to Pay
Total OOP: $8.06, Earned $4 ECB's for next week!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 06/17/2013

This week I don't have too much plan.  Saturday Joe and I are doing a flea market, so I don't want to plan anything too strenuous, since I want Joe to have plenty of energy to help me then.  I have some blogging and housework to catch up on, and then I think I am going to go through our extra clothing storage shelf.  It should be a pretty 'chill' week.  Here's what's on the menu...

Breakfasts: Cold Cereal, Waffles

Lunches: Leftovers, Salads, and/or Sandwiches

Dinners: (All served with Salad or Veggies)
Sunday - Free Soiree we got invited to (a fancy dinner, but free, so good!)
Monday - Take Out
Wednesday - Zuppa Tuscana with Garlic Foccacia Bread
Thursday - Fresh Takes Baked Chicken Breasts, Vegetable Saute from Freezer, and Frozen Roasted Potatoes (Green Giant)
Friday - Homemade Pizza (Joe's mom has a table at the show too, so she is staying with us)
Saturday - Out?

Extras: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Chocolate Pudding with Mint Chunks

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 06/12/2013!

Here are some of the awesome deals at ALDI this week...

  • Wednesday 06/12/13 ONLY: Cattlemen's Ranch Fresh Filet of Beef Garlic Peppercorn 16 oz $5.99 ea
  • Sweet Corn pk $1.59 ea
  • Avocados $0.79 ea
  • Peaches or Nectarines $0.39 ea
  • Cantaloupe $1.49 ea
  • Red Grapes $2.78/2 lb pkg
  • Seedless Watermelon $4.69 ea
  • Casa Mamita Southwestern Bean Salad 15 oz $1.19 ea
  • Millville Blueberry Crunch Squares 13 oz, and Honey Grahams Cereal 12 oz $1.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Blueberry Pie Filling With More Fruit 21 oz $2.69 ea
  • Tuscan Garden Dressing Coleslaw, Spicy Ranch, or Poppy Seed 16 oz $1.39 ea
  • Specially Selected Gourmet BBQ Sauces Original, Chipotle, or Mesquite 18 oz $1.99 ea
  • Clancy's Pretzel Thins 16 oz $1.29 ea
  • Delicia Sparkling Strawberries and Cream 750 ml $4.99 ea
  • Sundae Shoppe Red, White, and Blue Pops 16 ct $1.89 ea
  • Sundae Shoppe Summer Blast Pops Assorted Varieties 42.3 oz $1.89 ea
  • ALDI Thermal Totes $1.99 ea
  • Bestway Rectangular Family Pool $22.99 ea
  • Banzai Water Sprinkler Assortment $8.99 ea
  • Splash Time Round Pool43" $7.99 ea
  • Huntington Home Beach Mat 22" W x 64" L Assorted Colors $7.99 ea
  • Aqua Force 750 Water Balloons $4.99 ea
  • Ornamental Trees Assorted Varieties $12.99 ea
  • 5" Easy Orchid Assorted Colors $9.99 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Weekly Spending Report: 06/09-15/2013

This week I got paid, and then proceeded to spend it all, between shopping to restock the house, and then pay three bills, I have $4 left.  But Joe and I are doing a flea market next Saturday, so we should be able to make it through the month.  Here's what I go this weekend...
  • Sunday's Shopper's Trip (donuts and newspapers): $7.11 oop
  • Wednesday's CVS Trip: $9.91 oop, Earned $8 Cash and $7 ECB's 
  • Wednesday's ALDI Trip: $9.16 oop
  • Wednesday's Petco Trip (1 can Friskies Cat Food, used Free Coupon): $0.04 oop (tax)
  • Wednesday's Party City Trip (5 Graduation/Father's Day Cards): $4.19 oop
  • Wednesday's Good Will Trip (a DRESS BARN gray sheath dress, and a Kim Roger's White short sleeve shirt, which I really needed!): $9.64 oop (Dress was 50% off, so only $5.28!!!)
  • Wednesday's Wal-mart Trip (2 hand soap refills, 1 box screws): $10.95 oop
  • Wednesday's Giant Trip: $29.20 oop, Saved $16.14 in Sales and Coupons (Earned $0.10 off a gallon!)
  • Saturday's Kohl's Trip (bought  Christmas present): Zero oop - Used a $10 coupon to get it for FREE!
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (Utz Nacho Cheese Chips, Athlete's Foot Cream, 1-8 ct Shoe Laces, Black Pepper, and Felt Furniture pads): $5.12 oop
Total OOP: $85.32 - $15 Earned Rewards/Cash = Net OOP: $70.32!!!!

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Wednesday's CVS Trip

Wednesday I got my pay check, so I went to CVS first to grab up some deals.  Here's what I ended up with...

2 bags Tostitos Chips $4.29 ea - $1.30 ea Sale - $2 ECB's wyb 2 = 2/$3.98
3 Colgate Toothpastes 2 @ $3.99 and 1 @ $4.49 + 1 Colgate Total Mouthwash $4.39 - $4.90 Sales - $1/1 MC x 3 - $2 ECB's wyb 2 x 2 - $2/$10 CVS Coupon = 4/$2.96
1 Coke 2 lt $1.99 - $1 Sale - $0.25/1 CVS Coupon = $0.74 ea
3 pkgs Stride Gum $1.57 ea - $0.57 ea Sale - $1/3 MC - $1 ECB's wyb 3 = 3/$1
1 Maybelline Nail Polish $3.99 - $2 Clearance - $2/1 CVS Coupon = FREE!
2-100 ct CVS Men's Multivitamins $7.99 ea - BOGO FREE Sale = 2/$7.99 (got these for my Dad, and he paid me back for them)
2-36 ct CVS Antacids $2.37 ea - BOGO FREE Sale - $2/1 CVS Coupon = 2/$0.37
+ $0.88 Tax
- $15 ECB's used to Pay
Total OOP: $9.91 oop, Earned $8 Cash, and $7 ECB's for next week!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 06/11/2013

This week Joe and I have some shelf building to do in the house, so hopefully things will work out and I'll have some pictures to post for you later this week.  And we are also going to Joe's grandfather's house this week to get together the last boxes of auction junk for this Spring.  Saturday is Joe's birthday, and we hope to do a little Good Will/Yard Sale shopping this Friday and Saturday.  So, all in all a pretty busy week, but the good kind of busy!  Here's what's on the menu for this week...

Breakfasts: Cold Cereal, Waffles

Lunches: Leftovers, Salads, and/or Sandwiches

Dinners: (all served with vegetables or salad)
Sunday - Pasta with Marinara Sauce and Garlic Bread
Monday - Chicken Stir-fry, with Jasmine Rice, and Homemade Egg Rolls
Tuesday - Working at Joe's Grandfather's House (we'll go to dinner with him out somewhere)
Wednesday - Chicken Fajitas, with Salads
Thursday - Fruited Chicken Salad Sandwiches, with Chips
Friday - Out (using a free birthday coupon)
Saturday - Nachos

Extras: Homemade Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 06/02-08/2013

This week was another big spending week, but I did stock up a lot of things for the pantry and freezers, and earned another $0.30 off a gallon in the process, so I count that as a good thing.  Next week will be better since I was blessed with yet another spend $50 earn $0.30 off a gallon coupon.  Here's what I ended up with...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $12.14 oop, Earned $15 ECB's
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $23.66 oop
  • Tuesday's Thrift Store Trip (1 short sleeve button up for me, and 2 BRAND NEW with TAGS pairs of shorts for Joe): $15.97 oop 
  • Wednesday's Giant Trip: $52.72 oop + Earned 300 Gas Points
  • Wednesday's BJ's Trip (big box Eggo's, 2 pouches Crystal Light, used 1 MC): $19.97 oop
  • Saturday's Flea Market Finds (2 large baskets, 3 small baskets $1 ea, 1 Crystal Light Sticks $1, 6 Jerky Sticks $3): $9
Total OOP: $133.46 - $15 Earned Rewards = Net OOP: $118.46!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunday's CVS Trip

This week I had an AMAZING trip to CVS!  I was able to stock up on my husbands favorite and much needed deodorant, and snagged a deals and freebies along the way!  Here's what I ended up with...
1 2 lt Pepsi $2.09 - $1.10 Sale - $0.24 CVS Coupon = $0.75
4 Dove for Men Deodorants $5.49 ea - $1.49 ea Sale - $1.50/$5 CVS Deodorant Purchase Coupon - $1/1 MC x 4 - $1/1 Dove CVS Coupon + 1 Schick Quattro For Ladies Razor $10.99 - FREE Promo wyb $15 Dove - $2/1 MC  = 4 Deodorants and 1 Razor/$7.50 (Since Joe needed the deodorant, and it was his favorite brand, I consider this an awesome deal!)
1 pkg Tena Pads $6.99 - $3.20 Sale - $1/1 MC - $3 ECB's = FREE + $0.21 Money-maker!
1 Physician's Formula Correction Powder $13.99 - $2/$10 CVS Cosmetics Coupon - $4/$12 CVS Cosmetics Coupon (I wasn't sure that I could use both, but they didn't beep, so the cashier said it was okay) - $7 ECB's = $0.99
+ $1.86 Tax
- $8.75 ECB's used to Pay
Total OOP: $12.14, Earned $15 ECB's (includes $5 Beauty Rewards)

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 06/05/2013!

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Weds. 06/05 ONLY: Roseland Family pk Fresh Thin Sliced Boneless Pork Chops $2.99/lb 
  • Sweet Corn 4 pk $1.59 ea
  • Asparagus 16 oz $2.19 ea
  • Tomatoes on the Vine 24 oz $1.59
  • Sweet Onions 2 lb $1.19 ea
  • Mushrooms 8 oz $0.79 ea
  • Zucchini 24 oz $0.99 ea
  • Peanut Delight Creamy PB and Honey 18 oz $1.99 ea
  • Breakfast Best Heat and Serve Maple Links 6.4 oz $0.99 ea
  • Lifeway Low-fat Kefir Mango or Pomegranate 32 oz $2.79 ea
  • Millville Rainbow Chip Chewy Granola Bars 8.4 oz $1.69 ea
  • Happy Farms Flavored Spreadable Cheese Wedges Garlic and Herb or Jalapeno Pepper 4 oz $1.29 ea
  • Belmont Fruit Bars Coconut, Lime, or Pomegranate 16.5 oz $1.99 ea
  • Sundae Shoppe Lemonade Bars Variety Pk 13.2 oz $1.99 ea
  • Bremer 3 Cheese Chicken or Garlic Shrimp 21 oz $2.99 ea
  • Libbey 6 pc Craft Brew Glassware Set 6 styles per set $12.99 ea
  • Franklin Recreational Horseshoes $19.99 ea
  • Zebco 33 Spincast Combo $19.99 ea
  • Range Master Propane Camping Grill $24.99 ea
  • Range Master Digital Fork and Probe Thermometer Set $5.99 ea
  • Bell Bike Helmets Assorted Styles and Colors $12.99 ea
  • Bikemate Gel Seat Cover $6.99 ea
  • Bikemate Floor Pump with Gauge $8.99 ea
  • Bikemate Water Bottle and Cage BPA Free $4.99 ea
  • Bikemate Cable Lock Combination or Key Lock $4.99 ea
  • Easy Home Heavy-duty Chrome Shelving $29.99 ea
  • Easy Home 2 pk Woven Totes Java, Black, or Cream 12" L x 10" W x 8" H $8.99 ea
  • Easy Home 16" Metal Floor Fan $29.99 ea
  • 8" Hardy Hydrangeas $9.99 ea

For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 06/03/2013

This week Joe and I are undertaking some shelf building in the house; it should be good!  
Here's what's on the menu for this week...

Breakfasts: Cold Cereal, Waffles

Lunches: Leftovers, Salads, and/or Sandwiches

Dinners: (Served with Veggies or Salads)
Sunday - Cheesy Baked Pork Chops, LO Mac and Cheese
Monday - Taco Salads
Tuesday - Potato Soup with Homemade Bread
Wednesday -Baked Pasta with Garlic Bread
Thursday - Fish and Chips
Friday - Chicken Stir-fry with Homemade Egg Rolls, and Jasmine Rice
Saturday - Homemade Pizza

Extras: Brownies

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 05/26-06/01/2013

This week I ended up spending a LOT more money, but we did get stocked back up on a number of things.  We also were able to pick up some good deals, so I'm pleased with how we ended the month, budget-wise...

  • Sunday's ALDI Trip (various items for 2 picnics on Monday): $10.71 oop
  • Sunday's Giant Trip (more picnic items): $14.20 oop
  • Wednesday's CVS Trip: $7.71 oop, Earned $8.75 in ECB's
  • Wednesday's Giant Trip: $50.73, plus earned $0.30 off a gallon of gas!
  • Friday's Goodwill Trip: $10.20 oop (1 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve shirt)
  • Friday's Wal-mart Trip: $30.41 oop
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (2 newspapers, 2 boxes Pasta Salad, 1 pkgs chip clips): $5.18 oop
  • Saturday's Yard Sale Deals: 7 Zinc Lids for resale $1.50, and 1 graduation present necklace $3
Total OOP: $133.64 - $8.75 Earned Rewards = Net OOP: $126.64!
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Wednesday's Giant Trip

This week the newspaper provided a coupon for an extra 30 cents off a gallon of gas (up to 35 gallons), if you purchased $50 worth of groceries.  Well, since we hadn't done a decent trip all of May, and the deals were all over the store, Joe and I decided to take advantage of the coupon and the great deals, and spend just $50.  Here's how it went down...

1 bag Alexia Frozen French Fries $4.29 - $1.29 Sale - $1/1 MC = $2
1 bag Alexia Frozen Onion Rings $4.29 - $1.29 Sale - $1/1 MC = $2
1 Full Rack Baby Back Ribs $16.17 - $6.48 Sale = $9.69
1 Family pk Italian Sausage Links $10.77 - $5.40 Sale = $5.37
1 Family pk Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $15.92 - $8.53 Sale = $7.39
3 Lean Cuisine Meals $2.79 ea - $0.79 ea  Sale - $1/3 MC = 3/$5
Bananas $1.27
1-10 ct Cliff Crunch Bars $3.49 - $0.99 Sale - $1/1 MC = $1.50
2 pkgs Keebler Cookies $3.49 ea - $0.99 ea Sale - $0.70/1 MC x 2 (did not double because cashier typed them in wrong) = 2/$3.60
1 bottle Vitamin C Marked down 50% to $3.19
2 pouches Cat Treats $1.65 ea - $0.15 ea Sale - $0.50/2 MC (doubled to $1) = 2/$2
2 bags Purex Detergent Packs $4.99 ea - $3.49 ea Sale - $0.50/1 MC (doubled to $1) x 2 = 2/$1
2 FL Crystals Sugar $2.99 ea - $0.50 ea Sale - $0.55/1 MC (doubled to $1.10) x 2 = 2/$2.78
4 Pure Silk Shave Creams $1.99 ea - $0.30 ea Sale - $0.70/1 MC (doubled to $1.40) x 4 = 4/$1.16
2 Kraft Mayo $5.29 ea - $2.30 ea Sale = 2/$5.98
1 Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.89 - $0.89 Sale - $1/1 MC = $1
+ $0.51 Tax
- $5/$50 Purchase Coupon
- $0.20 Reusable Bag Credit
Total OOP: $115.15 - $64.93 Sales/Coupons = Net OOP: $50.73, Savings of 56%!!!!!

Frugal Finds Friday: Reusing Pickle Juice

 Joe and I LOVE our pickles, but they can be a little pricy, so I was looking for some recipes online.  Nothing was very simple though.  I also hate throwing away things that can be reused in another way.  As I posted previously in regards to tomato juice.  So, when Joe and I finished our most recent jar of pickles, I decided to have a little experiment.  I bought a cucumber from ALDI for $0.59, and sliced it into spears, and put those spears in my leftover pickle juice, put the container in the fridge, and then I waited.  Two weeks later, I tried a 'pickle' spear, and they are seriously yum-o!  Not as salty as the original pickle spears, but still very tasty.  We'll definitely be making these again, and again!  As your pickle juice amount lessens, just top off with a little white vinegar, so your pickles stay covered.

Wednesday's CVS Trip

CVS had a lot of great deals this week!  I was able to get some good deals, and a couple freebies too, always a good thing!  Here's what I ended up with...

3 boxes Special K Cereal $3.99 ea - $0.99 ea Sale - $1/3 MC - $3 ECB's wyb 3 = 3/$5
2 Travel Sized Neutrogena Sunscreens $2.49 ea - $1/1 MC x 2 - $5 ECB's wyb 2 = 2 FREE + $2.02 Money-maker!
1 CVS Body Wash $2.37 - Free Item CVS Coupon = FREE!
1 roll Reynold's Aluminum Foil $2.99 - $0.99 Sale - $0.75/1 MC = $1.25
2 pks PB M and M's $1.19 ea - $0.44 ea Sale - $0.50/2 CVS Coupon - $0.75 ECB's wyb 1 = 2/$0.25
+ $0.48 Tax
- $3/15 CVS Coupon
- $3 ECB's used to Pay
Total OOP: $7.71, Earned $8.75 ECB's for next week!

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