Thursday, April 14, 2016

Frugal Finds: April 2016 Edition

I was able to make it into the thrift store this month, twice!  I found some great deals -- not as many as I was hoping for, but that's the way it goes sometimes.  I really could use some fresh short-sleeve tee shirts, I found 2, but I need about 3 more.  I also found the most adorable little cup!  In the store I was hemming and hauling about whether to buy it or not, but then I decided that for a buck I really couldn't go wrong.  If I couldn't find a use for it, I knew I could sell it and get my dollar back.  Well, it is the PERFECT size to hold small post-it notes on my desk!!!!  I was excited to find some clothes for Howard in larger sizes as well.  I LOVE the pull on jeans for him, but they are so hard to find used above 2T.  So, when I saw some today is amazing condition and half-price, I snatched them up super quick!  #ifyousnoozeyoulose  Here's the price run down of my thrift scores this month...
First Trip:
3T Pull-on Jeans for Howard (in mint condition) $3.99 - 50% off Sale = $1.99
4T Pull-on Jeans for Howard (in mint condition) $2.99 - 50% off Sale = $1.49
4T Pull-on Jeans for Howard $2.99 - 50% off Sale = $1.49
5T Fleece PJ Pants for Howard $2.99 - 50% off Sale = $1.49
Youth size 4/5 Heavy Fleece Zip Hooded Coat for Howard $5.99
Short Sleeve Navy V-neck Tee for Me $3.99
Tiny Gilded Peacock Cup for my desk $1.99 - 50% off Sale = $0.99
+$0.06 Tax (for cup)
Grand Total OOP: $14.49
(would have been $24.99 before sales, saved $10.50 or 42%!!)

Second Trip:
5T Fleece PJ Pant for Howard $2.99 - 50% off Sale = $1.49
Short Sleeve Teal V-neck Tee for Me $3.99 - 50% off Sale = $1.99
Hanging Basket for Howard's Magnet Collection $0.99 - 50% off Sale = $0.49
Potty with Elmo Sound Book for Howard $0.99
 Matching Game for Howard $0.99
+$0.12 Tax (for game and book)
Grand Total OOP: $6.07
(would have been $10.07, saved $4 or 40%!!)

Have you been thrifting lately?  
Any amazing finds to share?  
Let me know in the comments!