Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 12/09/2013

This week is going to be a little crazy.  We are open for Christmas tours here at the museum, so I'll be working a few days this week.  My morning sickness has returned, unfortunately, which makes eating, and being productive hard.  I also have two baking orders for friends due early next week, so I need to get my dough made up so it has some time to rest before baking it up this weekend.  But luckily I got all our Christmas decorating done this past week, including the tree (pictures to come), and I only have one more gift to buy, and I'm all done shopping for the year (except grocery store trips).

Breakfasts: Pop-Tarts, Bagels with Butter or Cream Cheese

Lunches: Leftovers, Sandwiches

Monday - Leftover Pork with Baked French Fries
Tuesday - Italian Shake and Bake Chicken with Jasmine Rice
Wednesday - Crock-pot Lasagne with Garlic Foccacia Bread
Thursday - Leftover Lasagne and Bread
Friday - TBA, maybe out?
Saturday - Museum Christmas Dinner :)

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