Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Heart Walgreen's 04/21/09

I have to say that I think that today's trip was a major SCORE! I found a LOT of good deals & steals, including...
5 pk of memo pads $1.00 (Great for price books and shopping lists)
2 Coke Zero Free after MC from Coke Rewards
2 Nestea Free after MC when you buy another coke product
4 Candy bars Free with purchase of ANY coke product
Chapstick Shimmer Free after RR
Fiber Choice Chewables Free after RR (But the cashier didn't know how to make it come out right, so some how I got it as a 'gift' = Free + got the $2.50 RR, so profit of $2.50. It took me the whole way home to figure out where I got this extra RR from... Sometimes I can be a little blond)
3 pks of Hankies for the hubby, gotta be green you know $0.39 ea x 3 = $1.17
Clearanced Walgreen's brand Pepcid $3.12
Physican's Formula Eyeshadow $4.79 - $1.00/1 MC = $3.79
Physician's Formula Mascara $5.99 - $1.00/1 MC = $4.99 (Plus can Submit for Walgreen's $10.00 Rebate & can submit Mascara for Manu Rebate -- MM!!!)
Total after rebates, RR & Coupons: Profit of $7.34 YAY!! :-)

Martin's 04/21/09

After Big Lots was a quick stop in Martin's. We have always been Shopper's people, but the Martin's in Eldersburg is really starting to grow on me. I got:
4 GE CFL Bulbs single pks $4.99 ea on Sale for $1.25 ea and used 4 $1.00/1 MC so $0.25 ea
4 Barilla Piccolini Pastas $1.33 ea on Sale for $1.09 ea - 4 Doubled $0.50/1 MC or $0.09 ea
2 Hebrew International Hotdogs $4.99 ea - $1.00 ea for Sale - 2 $1.00/1 MC or $2.99 ea
Total including tax: $7.64 & I earned 15 Bonus Rewards :-)

Summer Runner & Car Wax?!

Look at my BEAU-TI-FUL runner for this summer and only $6.00 at Bog Lots. The turtle wax is for my hubby, he is going to wax our kitties' litter boxes so that they aren't so hard to clean -- get back to you and let you know how it works out...