Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!!!

This week we are still eating from our pantry as the 'Eat from the Pantry challenge' is still on!!! This is how this week goes...
Breakfasts: Cereal, bagels with Cream cheese, Yogurt, &/or Fruit

Lunch: Leftovers, PB&J, or Chicken Salad (that my mommy made for us) Sandwiches

Sunday - Chicken, broccoli, tomato Alfredo with salad and garlic bread
Monday - We were suppose to have pancakes and chipped-beef gravy with homemade applesauce for dinner, but Joe got sick and has been admitted to the hospital, because there seems to be a larger problem then we thought :-( So we'll just add this in for breakfast or lunch later in the week when he feels better.
Tuesday - Tacos (Maybe...) with Mexican Rice
Wednesday - Left over Buffet
Thursday - Pork & Sauerkraut with Dumplings and homemade mashed potatoes
Friday - Homemade Pizza (sausage, pepperoni, bell pepper and onion for Joe and Cheese for me)
Saturday - BK -- $0.99 Double Cheeseburgers & FF's