Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday's Walgreen's Trip

Joe and I also stopped into Walgreen's yesterday, and they too were out of a few things I wanted to get, and after perusing the clearance we found speakers for our laptop that we have been needing.  Here's what we picked up yesterday (hopefully I will get back later this week for another balance bar)...
1 Balance Bar $1.50 on Sale - $1.60 RR - $0.55/1 MC (newspaper) = FREE + $0.65 Money-maker!
1 pair USB Speakers for our Laptop $19.99 - $10 clearance = $9.99
+ $0.60 Tax
Total OOP: $11.54 - $1.60 RR earned = Net OOP: $9.94!

Sunday's Rite-Aid Stop

I stopped into Rite-Aid yesterday, they were out of most of the deals, but here's what I managed to get...
3-12 pks Coke (not pictured) $5.79 ea - $1.79 ea Sale - $4/1 Free Item Coupon - $3 UP+Rewards = 3/$5
2 pks Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $4.49 ea - $0.90 ea card discount  - $1.50/1 MC (newspaper) x 2 - $2 UP+Rewards x 2 = 2/$0.18
1 Similasan Computer Eye Relief $10.49 - $3.50 Sale - $1.75/1 MC (newspaper) - $6 UP+Rewards = FREE + $0.76 Money-maker!
+ $1.16 Tax
- $2 UP+Rewards used to Pay (All I had left - BOO!)
Total OOP: $16.58 - $13 UP+Rewards Earned = Net OOP: $3.58!
*I also stopped in today to get a bar of Dove to finish out my Glam bag deal...
1 bar Dove Soap $1.99 - $0.40 card discount = $1.59
+ $0.10 Tax
Total OOP: $1.59, Earned a FREE Glam Bag full of samples and coupons (I got this last year and it had a lot of nice things in it!)

Huge Root's Trip Last Tuesday!

big bag of Yellow Onions $1.50, big bag Bell Peppers $2, big bag Poblano Peppers $1.50, 1/2 lb Chipped Beef approx. $5, 1 pint Double Dill Pickles $4, bag Concord Grapes $2
2 Italian Subs (made two meals for me and Joe) $10, 1 Shoe-Fly Pie $3.75, 1 small pouch Cat Nip $0.50, 17 lbs All-Natural Raw Sugar $19.89, 1/2 lb Butter Toffee Cashews (for Joe) and 1/2 lb Nut and Seed Mix (for me) $unknown
Picture of our whole haul.  Total Cost: $50.14 + cost of nuts and mix (under $10) = $60.14.  I'd say that we did pretty good.  All of the peppers are sliced and nicely tucked away in the freezer for winter, and the sugar should last us a little while.  We are planning on going back up before Christmas, and I can't wait!!!

Menu Plan Monday: 09/26/2011!

It's going to be another hectic week unfortunately.  I have transcription typing to do for my class, as well as another event at the museum this coming weekend (which I work all day both days of).  So our meals are going to continue to be simple, and I am hoping that my vanilla beans come this week so I can try my new scones recipe!  Here's what's cooking...
Breakfasts: Cold or Hot Cereals, Nature Valley Granola Bars with Fruit or Yogurt, or Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies

Lunches: Leftovers, Soft Tacos with Chips and Salsa, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Canned Soup and Homemade Personal Pan Pizzas

Sunday - My B-day dinner at my Mommy's house with Jell-o Poke Cake for dessert :-)
Monday - Chicken BBQ* Sandwiches with French Fries
Tuesday - Spaghetti Alfredo with Garlic Herb Chicken and Garlic Bread
Wednesday - Parmesan Broiled Tilapia and Asparagus with Jasmine Rice
Thursday - Asparagus, Spinach and Feta Frittata* with Toast and Apple Slices
Friday - Out! (probably Texas Road House to use my B-day coupon for a free appetizer)
Saturday - Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus* with Bread of some kind - TBA
* = New recipes that I am trying and will review for you over the next week :-)

Extras: Hopefully Maple Vanilla Almond Scones* (if my vanilla beans e-v-e-r get here!)

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