Monday, August 8, 2011

Freezer Cooking Session this week!

I had the chance to do some freezer cooking this week!  Hopefully this will make dinner and lunch times a little less stressful!  Here's what I ended up with...
Homemade Greek Salad Dressing
Homemade All-purpose Seasoning Mix
 Homemade White Sauce Chicken Enchiladas (with NO cream soup!)
 3 bags Taco Meat for the Freezer and 1 container for the fridge
1 Chicken Enchilada Kit for the Freezer as well as 2 containers of leftover sauce (I'm trying these in the freezer, I'll let you know how they turn out)
I was also able to get 4 bags of white meat and 2 bags of dark meat for the freezer from the chicken I cooked off, as well as enough chicken left over for our stir-fry (and that was after the enchiladas and the freezer kit!). 

ALDI Deals: 08/03-08/09/2011!

Here are a few of the deals starting this week at ALDI...
  • Sundae Shoppe Asst. Twin Pops 42.3 oz $1.69 ea
  • Breakfast Best Cinnamon Blast Bites 16 oz $1.99 ea
  • Nature's Nectar Summertime Juice Pouches 6-10 oz pouches $1.69 ea
  • Choceur Swiss Assortment Dark with Almonds, Milk or Dark Chocolate 3.52 oz bars $1.29 ea
  • Freshine Wonder Shammy 2 pk $2.99 ea
  • Dentiguard Power Toothbrushes with Refills $4.99 ea
  • Vanderwall Over-the-door Towel Rack $7.99 ea
  • Vanderwall Table Top Ironing Board $5.99
  • Vanderwall 3-Tier Laundry Cart $8.99 ea 
  • Vanderwall Clothes Drying Rack $9.99 ea 
  • Vanderwall 2 Bushel Laundry Basket $7.49 ea
  • Bananas $0.44/lb
  • Red Grapes $0.99/lb
  • Strawberries $1.49/lb
  • Cantaloupe $1.29 ea
  • Blueberries $1.69/pint
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their homepage!

Weekly Spending Report: 07/31-08/06/2011

Here is my spending report for last week...
Sunday's Walgreen's Trip: $1.23 oop, Earned $2 RR's
Sunday's CVS Trip: $0.12 oop, Earned $1.99 ECB's
Sunday's Rite-Aid Trips: $8.13 oop, Earned $2.99 SCR and $16 UP+Rewards AND $1.20 oop, Earned $12 UP+Rewards
Sunday's Staples Trip: $9.08 oop, Earned $8 Easy Saver Rebates
Total OOP: $19.76 - $42.98 Earned Rebates and Rewards = Net OOP: ALL FREE + a $23.22 Money-Maker!