Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days of Thankfulness: October 24th 2015

Today I am thankful for tiny closets. When Joe and I got married, and I moved into the museum with him, my closet space was more than halved.  We have organized things a variety of ways in the 8 years we have been married -- we've used an armoire, an extra dresser, and a chest of drawers for extra clothing storage, but basically it came down to the fact that we both had too many clothes!  We share one tiny closet, and I do swap our clothing out seasonally, but I am finally getting to the point that I have plenty of space in my half of the closet for my clothes.  Joe's side is still a work in progress, but we are getting there.  Because I have gotten rid of so many clothing items, I am really trying hard to only keep and purchase things that I need, but more importantly, truly love - as in would wear every day love.  So today I am thankful for tiny closets, as they have given me the limits that I need, as well as shown me the kinds of clothing I really love, and look good in.

31 Days of Thankfulness: October 23rd 2015

Today I am thankful for good doctors. When I was pregnant the first time, I was so very nervous.  My mom had just died earlier that year, and my husband and I hadn't been trying to get pregnant, so we were both caught off guard by it.  Needless to say, it was a first for both of us, and I didn't have a mom there to ask the many questions I had.  So, I called my primary care, who listed a few Obstetricians I could try.  I called the first name on the list, no answer, then the second, they were at lunch, and lastly, the third, who did pick up and I was able to schedule an appointment.  God knew exactly what he was doing when he made the first two unavailable.  The doctor I ended up with was SO AMAZING!  She has a very mothering bedside manner, she will answer any question you have, and take as much time with you as necessary.  I ended up having a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, but I went back to her again when I had Howard.  I was very clear that I did not want to have a C-section, or be induced.  She let me go a full 11 days past my due date before she induced, and she let me labor for 22 hours before she asked if I was ready for a C-section, and said she would let me go longer if I wanted.  She let me be in charge, or at least feel like I was, which is so important when you are pregnant and about to give birth.  I would have trusted no one else as much as I did her when I said to go ahead with the C-section.  And, as luck would have it, the pediatrician who was there when Howard was born is the same one he visits today.  We hadn't really researched a doctor for Howard, so, since he was there, we just went to him.  Turns out my husband and him have a similar sense of humor, so there is never a dull moment at Howard's appointments.  Maybe by luck, maybe by God's divine intervention, but we have been so lucky to have such amazing doctors, and for this I am truly so thankful!

Weekly Spending Report: 10/18-24/2015

This week I was able to stock up some great deals, including toilet paper, and body wash.  I also grabbed a few things to round out our menu plan, and some snack items.  Overall it was a good week, there isn't much left in the budget for the month, but next week is the last week anyway.  Here's how the shopping went this week...
  • Monday's CVS Trip: $20.03 oop (included, but not pictured is a York Peppermint Patty), Earned $18 ECB's (includes $5 Pharmacy Rewards, and $5 from a rain check)
  • Monday's ALDI Trip: $37.30 oop (included, but not pictured is 4 gallons H2O, and a 1/2 gallon Organic 2% Milk)
  • Monday's Giant Trip: $29.05 oop
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip: $3.48 oop
Total OOP: $89.86
Total Earned: $18
Total Remaining for October: $52.41

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