Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered House Update #5

 For the fourth week of this challenge, things were still plugging right along.

Day #16: Magazines and Newspapers
Items Decluttered: 20

Day #17: Decorative Items
Items Decluttered: 45

 Day #18 Furniture
Items Decluttered: 4

Day #19: Children's Clothing
Items Decluttered: 0
This unfortunately does not apply to our home yet, so a day of rest it was!

Day #20: Children's Clothing Day 2 or Freezer Clean Out
I did a little straightening in the freezer, but mostly used to day to put some things up in the freezer for easy meals and snacks later on (update coming soon).

 Total Items Decluttered for Days #16-20: 69
(282 Items Ahead!)