Friday, December 25, 2015

Weekly Spending Report: 12/13-19/2015

This week was an easy shopping week.  I grabbed some free and clear Tide pods for a little bit of nothing at CVS, plus some FREE dish soap.  Then at ALDI and Giant I picked up some needed items and some clearance deals, and earned back some app rebates - yeah!  And I'm sorry about getting this up so late -- things have been a little crazy around here with Christmas preparations!  Here's how the week went down...
  • Monday's CVS Trip: $4.79 oop, Earned $6.89 ECB's
  • Monday's ALDI Trip (Included, but not pictured are 4 gallons of H2O): $35.12 oop, Earned $0.25 Snap Rebate for the Heavy Cream
  • Monday's Giant Trip (included, but not pictured are 8-12 pks of various diet sodas): $44.11 oop, Earned $0.25 Snap Rebate for the Bread, $0.25 Ibotta Rebate for the Bread, and $1 Checkout 51 Rebate for the 2 boxes of Eggos

Total OOP: $84.02
Total Earned: $8.64
Total Remaining for December: $88.07