Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: Tone Petal Soft Body Wash


Nothing feels as good as a nice, long, warm shower when you are 8 months pregnant and it's snowing outside, again.  However, that shower can be made even better with a nice body wash.  Every girl likes to smell pretty, and Tone's Petal Soft Body Wash smells.  It is a floral smell, so if you are more into citrus, try their Fruit Peel body wash instead.  The scent is strong in the bottle, but after your shower, it only leaves a light scent on your skin, just enough to smell and feel pretty, but not knock your significant other out.  It also lathers really nicely, which I feel is very important in regards to body wash.  It also rinses nicely without leaving a residue feeling on your skin.  The pink peony and rose oil with vitamin E leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, always a nice bonus.
So, if you are in the market for some nice body wash, give Tone's Petal Soft Body Wash a try!

I am a BzzAgent, and received this body wash to try, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

February Goals Update

Another good month with lots of progress made.  Some of my goals won't get crossed off until December, but that's okay, I really want to work on perfecting those.  Here's how February went down...
  1. Prepare a Nursery!  (this will probably have several update posts along the way) - Joe and I made a LOT of progress in the nursery in January, and the beginning of February, and then that nesting energy went right out the window.  We are still on the search for a dresser, which was the next step in the room.  I think I'm going to have to skip over that for now and move onto the last corner of the room, and hopefully a dresser will come to be before Baby Rogers does.  I'm hoping to share a progress post with all of you this week.
  2. Do a Deep-Spring, and Deep-Fall Clean in March and November.  As well as keep up with my weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning chores. - Not there yet.
  1. Give birth to baby Rogers, and be the best mom I can be! - Not there yet.
  2. Try every day to be a loving wife.  Some days this is harder than others. :) - I continued to bake sweet treats every week to keep the hubby happy, and it worked.  I also planned several meals based on his requests, which really seemed to perk him up.  He has been amazing with me throughout this pregnancy, and I really am trying to be just as amazing back.  I think I'm making progress, but it can be hard some days when your hormones are all whacked out, and your hurting and uncomfortable.  But I think he can see that I really am making an effort, and that's what really matters to him :)
  3. Take a trip to Maine in June with the hubby, and the baby. - Not there yet.
  4. Get together with family at least once a month.  (probably for dinner) - We got together with my family on the 16th for dinner to celebrate the two birthdays for the month.  My niece planned and cooked the whole meal, as well as 1 of the cakes (I brought the other).  She is turning into such an amazing young woman, and quite the planner.
  1. Have 2 Freezer/Pantry Challenges (January and July), post updates on the blog, and defrost the chest freezer - One down, one to go!
  2. Post my Menu Plan, Aldi Deals, and Weekly Spending Report every week, along with at least 1 other post per week.  This may be an update, a reveal, a recipe, a shopping trip, or a frugal find. - I did really good with this one.  I did my regular posts every week, plus I posted a Tempt Your Tummy Tuesday recipe post every week, and posted several shopping trips throughout the month. 
  3. Plan and execute a 31 days post for October. - Not there yet.
  1. Lose at least 20 lbs (I did accomplish losing 20 lbs in 2013 as well, so it seems doable) - Not even starting this until after the baby is born in April
  2. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and do exercise of some kind everyday. - I drank plenty of water, ate a LOT of veggies, and fruit, and did my hip physical therapy exercises everyday.
  1. Do at least 6 Flea Markets throughout the year, and list at least monthly on Amazon. - We did our first flea market of the year on the 1st, and did okay.  I also did quite a large listing of items on Amazon, which we have already sold quite a few of, next up, CD's.
  2. Earn Swagbucks everyday by completing the daily poll, toolbar log-in, and NOSO offers daily. - did this every day, plus started using the SBTV, and the offers on the homepage to earn additional Swagbucks.  I earned 4 - $5 Amazon Gift Cards.
  3. Set a monthly budget, and coupon and deal shop as needed to stay within our budget. - I did a great job this month, and I blogged about it here. It was nice to only have 4 weeks, and $200.  We worked on eating from the pantry on some things so that I could stock-up on others.  I also cashed in our coin jar at the end of the month, so that added about $45 to the grocery envelope.  That will enable us to do even more stocking up in March before the baby comes.
  4. Pay off my credit card by June, and start putting extra onto Joe's credit card every month.  We won't have his paid off this year, but we'll be on the right track to have it paid off within the next year or two.  :) - Still working on this.
  1. Catch up my scrapbook.  I'm only about 8 years behind, but I think once I get rolling on it, I should be able to push through and get it done by the end of the year. ;) I also want to start one for the baby, and work on it monthly. - Haven't started this one yet, and probably won't until we get the nursery finished, first thing's first.
  2. Try something new at least twice a month and blog about it.  I have a LOT of new recipes and crafts I want to try, and this is the year! - February I tried lots of new recipes, and blogged about them here, here, here, and here.
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February Budget Update

This month our budget went back up to $200, which feels like a million after doing a pantry challenge.  And the month only had 4 weeks which made it nice too.  We continued to work on eating certain things down from our freezers and pantries, and that enabled me to restock/stock up on other things.  We also earned some money from the flea market we did on the first, I did a large listing on Amazon, and I worked really hard every week to earn those Swag Buck gift cards.  Here's how we ended up this month...

Week #1: $65.53 OOP, Earned $5 Target GC, $13 ECB's, $6.75 from Amazon, and $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks
Week #2: $52.15 OOP, Earned $18 ECB's, $6 MIR, and $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks
Week #3: $42.21 OOP, Earned $26 ECB's, $3.50 Staples Rebate, $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks, $4.08 CVS Gift Card, and $20.30 from Amazon
Week #4: $34.69 OOP (does not include Sat. March 1st), Earned $11 ECB's, $2.50 MIR, $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks, $43.74 Cash (from coin jar), and $24.46 from Amazon

Grand Total OOP for February: $194.58
Total Earned: $204.33 (Includes cash added to grocery envelope from coin jar)
Total Remaining (and added to March's Budget): $49.16

Weekly Spending Report: 02/23-03/01/2014

This week Joe and I changed in our coin jar to add some extra cash into the grocery envelope.  Now I just need a sale on ground beef.  I did do a little stocking for the freezer this week.  After the baby's born Joe will need to do some fending for himself, so Mama Celeste Pizzas and fish sticks it is.  They aren't the healthiest menu items, but still healthier and cheaper than take-out.  CVS didn't have many ECB deals this week, but I still managed to roll my ECB's and get some needed sale items, like bottled water and tissues.  Anyway, here's how the week went down... 
  • Tuesday's Walgreen's Trip (no picture, just 1 dozen Eggs): $1.29 oop
  • Tuesday's Petco Trip (no picture, just 2 cans Cat Food, used 2 coupons): $1.06 oop
  • Tuesday's CVS Trip: $0.30 oop, Earned $11 ECB's and $2.50 MIR
  • Tuesday's Giant Trip: $30.74 oop
  • Wednesday's Baugher's Trip (no picture, just Bananas): $1.30 oop
  • Earned $43.74 from cashing in coins, and added it to the grocery envelope
  • Earned $24.46 from Amazon 
  • Earned $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks
Total OOP: $34.69
Total Earned: $86.70
Total Remaining: $49.16 (includes money from change jar)
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, just 2 newspapers): $2.12 oop
  • Saturday's ALDI Trip: $17.44 oop 
Total OOP: $19.56
Total Earned: Zero
Total Remaining: $229.60

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