Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Spending: 07/24-07/30/2011!

Here's is our spending totals for this week...
Sunday's Walgreen's Trip: $2.69 oop, Earned $5 in RR's back
Sunday's Rite-Aid Trip: $1.06 oop, Earned $1 UP+Reward back
Sunday's CVS Trip: $5.02 oop, Earned $7.99 ECB's back
Sunday's Staples and Office Depot Trips: $17.47 + 14.59 oop, Earned $14.98 + $10.98 in Rebates back
Wal-mart Trip, not posted: $76.33, Earned $2 Coupon issue that was solved and $20 from my Mom for items I bought for her and $50 from Pap for a few things we got him for our trip coming up
Dollar Tree Trip, not posted (Had to have my newspapers of course!): $14.48, Earned $4 from my Mom for items I bought her
Total OOP: $131.64 - $115.95 Earned Rewards and $ = Net OOP: $15.69!!!!