Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Spending Report: 07/26-08/01/2015

This week I knew was going to be tight, but I had to get some snack food for the hubby, special food for Howard, and some bottled water.  We technically went over our budget for the month, but I had enough change in my wallet to cover the difference, so I'm okay with it.  I didn't really pick up much this week, but I was proud of the razor deal at CVS.  I had a rain check that made the razor $9.99 with a $5 ECB, along with the $2 ECB deal from this week, and the $3/1 coupon, I got it for FREE!  Those types of deals are a lot sparser than they were when I first started couponing 7 years ago.  I'm just thrilled to start a new month next week, and have a full grocery envelope again!  But anyway, here's this week's break down...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip (not pictured 3-24 pks bottled H20): $6.10 , Earned $7 ECB's ($5 from a Rain check deal)
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $28.95 oop

Total OOP: $35.05
Total Earned: $7
Total Remaining from July: Zero!

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Weekly Spending Report: 07/19-25/2015

With only $60 left in the budget for the month, I was very choosy about what I bought this week, and kept things very simple at the store.  I didn't even do any of the ECB's deals this week - gasp, I know right!?  Anyway, We have plenty of food in the house, so I just made a quick stop for peanut butter and Benedryl at CVS, and grabbed the needed produce and snack food at ALDI.  Here's how the week went down...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $7.07 oop
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $25.17 oop

Total OOP: $32.24
Total Earned: Zero
Total Remaining for July: $26.51

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