Friday, January 18, 2013

Frugal Finds Friday: Re-using Glass Bottles!


 A little spray paint can go a L-O-N-G way in making your pantry look more cohesive, and can make all of your reused glass bottles from spaghetti sauce, salsa, fruit, etc coordinate.  Once I started reading about all the bad things about plastic storage containers, I knew I wanted to start using glass for pantry items.  But who has the money to go out and buy all new glass containers for your pantry, certainly not this gal.  So I started saving glass bottles from items we regularly use, like salsa, pasta sauces, artichokes, and the like. 
1.) I wash them with dish soap and water, 
2.)let them air dry,
3.)and then spray paint the lids so they all coordinate, and make my OCD side very happy!  

I still have a few Ziploc Twist and Lock containers that I use in the freezer, but all my snacks, baking items, beans, extra pastas, are all in my nice reused glass containers.  Not only is it green, but frugal too!

How about you; what are some of your frugal finds for the week?

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