Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weekly Spending Report: 06/29-07/05/2014

After being on vacation for most of last week, we came home to a house that was out of a lot of necessities, hence the deals grabbed up at Giant and ALDI.  I was also able to stock up on batteries and diapers at CVS, things we are always using nowadays!  I worked all of this week, but since Howard had to go for his two month check-up and shots on Wednesday, I took off and we ran errands as a family that afternoon.  Overall, we had a great week, with great deals too...
  • Monday's Dollar Tree Trip (3 portable fans and a pkg of AA batteries for Howard): $4.24 oop
  • Wednesday's ALDI Trip (Granola Bars, Crackers, Chips, and Organic Milk): $9.57 oop
  • Wednesday's CVS Trip (1 Pepsi 2 lt, 3 pkgs CVS Diapers, 7 pkgs Car light bulbs on clearance, 1-10 pk CVS Batteries): $12.71 oop, Earned $16 ECB's ($3 was for my Spring Spending)
  • Wednesday's Giant (not pictured 7-3 ct boxes Magnum Ice Cream Bars): $35.09 oop (Saved $91.55!!!, 72%!!!)
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (2 newspapers): $2.12 oop
  • Earned $5 CVS Gift Card from Swag Bucks
Total OOP: $63.73
Total Earned: $21
Total Remaining for July: $236.27

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June Budget Update

This month I was finally under budget!!! We stocked up on some great deals including diapers, made some returns for items we didn't need, and earned some gift cards to use for things that we will need, like gas, and Christmas presents.  Here's how the month went down...
  • Week #1: $60.11 oop, Earned $7 ECB's, $9 Wal-mart Gift Card from a Return, and $5 Amazon Gift Card from Swag Bucks
  • Week #2: $104.34 oop, Earned $2.50 ECB's, and $15.88 Marshall's Gift Card from a Return
  • Week #3: $59.58 oop, Earned $10 ECB's, and a $5 CVS Gift Card from Swag Bucks
  • Week #4: $40.75 oop, Earned $20 Shell Gas Cards, and $3 in ECB's
Total OOP: $264.78
Total Earned: $77.38
Total Remaining: $35.22