Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Days of Thankfulness: October 11th 2015

Today I am thankful for time spent together as a family.  We had planned to go to Baugher's today and pick out a pumpkin, but they were nuts, so we decided to try next weekend instead.  Since I was off and we were already out, we ran errands as a family.  It wasn't exactly what we had in mind for family fun, but it was still nice to spend time together.  Usually Sunday mornings are Howard and Is alone time - we hit CVS, ALDI, and Giant, pick up lunch, and head home.  It seems like such a simple thing, but it was nice to have Joe with us.  With the busy and sometimes crazy season of life that we are in, I am thankful for any moment that we can spend together as a family of 3.

31 Days of Thankfulness: October 10th 2015

Today I am thankful for having an amazing 'free-standing' Dollar Tree in our town.  We have always had a Dollar Tree in Westminster, but it use to be located in the mall, and never had a large food section or freezers.  A few years ago it moved into a strip mall, and it's been the best thing ever!  It's larger, so it can carry a better variety of items, and it has cold cases and freezers.  The Dollar Tree is my first stop for a LOT of items, and sets the standard for my deal shopping.  I know what I can get there for a $1, so when couponing, I know if the Dollar Tree sells it, it needs to cost less than a $1 for it to be a good bargain.  They also carry newspapers on Saturday mornings, so instead of paying $2.50 each, I get them for a $1.  I love that the Dollar Tree carries everyday items, like allergy medicine, as well as fun splurges, like decor and craft supplies.  They can be a one-stop-shop most of the time, which with my busy schedule, I am very thankful for.