Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday's Giant Trip

Joe and I stopped into Giant Tuesday to use up some of my coupons before they expired at the end of the year.  We got some good deals, and some treats for New Year's Eve.  Here's what we ended up with...

1 Yoplait Yogurt $0.75 - Free Item Coupon = FREE!
1 box TGIF Potato Skins (Treat for NYE) $9.99 - $2 Sale = $7.99
2 pints Talenti PB Cup Gelato (Treat for NYE) $4.99 ea - $1/1 MC x 2 = 2/$7.98
1-1/2 gal Organic 2% Milk $4.29
1 bottle Gold's Horseradish $1.99 
1 bag Florida Crystals Raw Sugar $2.99 - $0.50 Sale - $0.55/1 MC doubled = $1.39
1 pkg Pampers Wipes $2.39 - $0.50/1 MC doubled = $1.39
2 Annie's Mac and Cheese Cups $1.49 ea - $0.35/1 MC doubled = 2/$1.58
1 bag Newman's Own Organic Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies $2.69 - $0.50/1 MC doubled = $1.69
+ $0.12 Tax
Total OOP: $38.17 - $9.75 Sales and Coupons = $28.42 oop

Monday, December 30, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 12/30/2013

Last week was a whirlwind of meals with family, and friends, present opening, cookie baking, meal prep, house cleaning, relaxing, and fun!  It was a great week-long celebration, but I'm ready to get back to my usual everyday schedule, and start work on the baby's nursery!  I kept the menu super simple this week...

Breakfasts: Bagels with Butter, Fruit

Lunches: Leftovers, Sandwiches, Salads
Sunday - We're taking Joe's grandfather to a B-day party, so we'll eat with him there.
Monday - Homemade Pizza
Tuesday - Steamed Shrimp for New Year's Eve!
Wednesday - Homemade Potato Soup with French Bread
Thursday - Leftover Soup and Bread
Friday - Pork Chops, Jasmine Rice, and Steamed Broccoli
Saturday - Shake and Baked Chicken, Buttered Egg Noodles

Extras: Leftovers Christmas Cookies, and Cheesecake

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 12/22-28/2013

This week Joe and I did a lot of after Christmas deal shopping, but I haven't listed it here because I came out of a different budget.  We were able to stock up on cups, and plates, and got quite a few Christmas presents bought.  It was so much fun; I look forward to it every year!  Here's what we ended up with in the home front...
  • Thursday's Wal-mart Trip (no picture, 2-12 double roll pks Wal-mart TP): $13.72 oop
  • Thursday's Thrift Store Trip (1 'bring the baby home from the hospital' outfit, if it's a boy, 2 short sleeve shirts for mommy, 1/2 price day!): $7.97 oop
  • Friday's ALDI Trip (no picture, Cleaning Wipes, 2 Sour Creams, 5 blocks Cream Cheese (for cheesecake!), Onion Soup Mix, Broccoli, and Croutons): $15.29 oop
Total OOP: $36.98, much better than last week, and next week we are starting a freezer/pantry challenge, so it should continue to stay in check!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 12/25/2013

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Cucumbers $0.29 ea
  • Avocados $0.59 ea
  • Baby Carrots $0.49/16 oz bag
  • Multi-Peppers $2.59/3 pk
  • Celery $0.79 ea
  • Grape Tomatoes $0.99/pint
  • Clancy's White Rounds Tortilla Chips 13 oz or Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips 11 oz $1.19 ea
  • Clancy's Party Mix Traditional or Cheddar 15 oz $2.29 ea
  • Casa Mamita Salsa con Queso 15 oz $2.29 ea
  • Casa Mamita Salsa Mild or Medium 24 oz $1.69 ea
  • Little Salad Bar Hummus Quartet Classic, Roasted Red Pepper, Jalapeno Cilantro, and Garlic 20 oz $3.99 ea
  • Frosty's Nightmare Winter De-Icing Salt Jug 12 lbs $4.99 ea
  • Welby Digital Thermometer $3.99 ea
  • Welby Fever Cooling Gel Pk $1.99 ea
  • Welby Ibuprofen 100 ct 1.99 ea
  • Welby Complete Multivitamins Adult Senior 100 or 125 ct, or Children's Gummy Vitamins 60 ct $3.79 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone has a joyous and happy holiday!

Joe, Laura, and Baby Bean Rogers!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 12/23/2013

This week has a lot of fun things in the works!  Sunday was our Christmas eve service at church.  Monday night we are going to a friend's house to have our annual Christmas dinner with their family, we look forward to that every year!  Tuesday Joe's family is coming up for Christmas Lunch, and present exchanging.  Wednesday is Christmas; my family is coming up for Breakfast, and we'll exchange gifts with them then.  In the afternoon, my pregnant self is so taking a nap!  Then the day after Christmas Joe and I always start our Christmas shopping for next year, hopefully we can get a few people crossed off our list!  Then Saturday evening we are going to my Aunt's house for my family's Christmas dinner.  We are having BBQ and Potato soup, not typical fare, but yummy and simple!  I'm in charge of dessert, and I am serious contemplating making a cheesecake, but we'll see!  What is everyone else up to this week -- Hope you all have a merry Christmas!

Breakfasts: Pop-Tarts, Chipped Beef Gravy with Pancakes and Bacon on Christmas

Lunches: Sandwiches, or Leftovers

Sunday - Homemade Pizza
Monday - Christmas Dinner at a Friend's House
Tuesday - Christmas Lunch with Joe's family and some of my family (Ham, Mac and Cheese, Scalloped Oysters, Rolls, Chips, and Pecan Pie), we'll have leftovers from in for dinner
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Christmas dinner at my Aunt's house, I'm bringing dessert

Extras: Christmas Cookies :)

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 12/15-21/2013

This week was a little crazy, as you can see...
  • Monday's Giant Trip: $14.79 oop
  • Tuesday's CVS Trip (no picture, 2 pkgs Raisins): $2 oop
  • Tuesday's ALDI Trip (no picture, 2 boxes Granola Bars, 4 boxes Pop-Tarts, 1 pkg String Cheese): $14.23 oop
  • Thursday's Staples Trip (no picture, 1 ream of paper, used $3.99 Coupon): $3.71 oop, Earned $3.50 Easy Rebate
  • Thursday's Giant Trip (no picture, just chips, and water): $15.53 oop
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, 2-4 pks Pudding Cups, 2 xmas gifts, and 2 pks 'Zyrtec'): $6.12 oop
  • Saturday's Giant Trip (not pictured 3 lbs Laura's Lean Ground Beef): $35.34 oop
 Used coupons to get the detergent for $0.77 ea, and the bread for $2 a loaf, usually $4.29 ea!
  • Saturday's Walgreen's Trip (no picture, 6 mailers, used in-ad coupon): $2.60 oop
  • Saturday's ALDI Trip (no picture, Granola Bars and Pop-Tarts for Joe, Onions, Lettuce, and Pecans): $11.54 oop
Total OOP: $105.86 - Wow!  I'm looking forward to almost no shopping next week!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 12/18/2013

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Weds. 12/18 ONLY: Tyson Fresh All Natural Pork Loin Roast $2.49/lb
  • Weds. 12/18 ONLY: Fresh USDA Choice Sirloin Tip Roast $2.99/lb
  • Russet Potatoes 10 lbs $1.99 ea
  • Yellow Onions 3 lbs $0.79 ea
  • Sweet Potatoes 3 lbs $1.19 ea
  • Mandarins 3 lbs $3.69 ea
  • Pineapple $1.49 ea
  • Navel Oranges 4 lbs $1.99 ea
  • Country Side Creamery Butter Quarters Salted or Unsalted 16 oz $1.69 ea
  • Puraqua Purified Drinking Water 24 ct $2.29 ea
  • Specially Selected Cream Puffs or Chocolate Dipped Cream Puffs 10.6 oz $3.99 ea
  • Specially Selected Torino Cookies Mint or Double Chocolate 7-7.5 oz $1.99 ea
  • Specially Selected Spicy Gouda 8 oz $3.49 ea
  • Simms Garlic Summer Sausage 16 oz $2.99 ea
  • Tuscan Garden Stuffed Queen Olives Assorted Varieties 7 oz $3.99 ea
  • Little Salad Bar Hummus Chipotle, Tomato and Basil, or Spinach Artichoke 8 oz $1.69 ea
  • Nature's Nectar 100% Vegetable Juice 64 oz $1.99 ea
  • Clancy's Foccacia Sticks or Italian Toast 4.75-5 oz $1.99 ea
  • Clancy's Big Dippers or Chili Cheese Corn Chips 9.25 oz $1.19 ea 
  • Carlini Olive Oil Cooking Spray 5 oz $1.49 ea
  • Happy Harvest Canned Sauerkraut 14.5 oz $0.65 ea
  • Happy Harvest Green Beans Cut or French 14.5 oz $0.49 ea
  • Auto XS 35" Snow Brush Black or Red $3.99 ea
  • Auto XS Folding Trunk Organizer $4.99 ea
  • Easy Home Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier $24.99 ea
  • Easy Home Fan Heater $9.99 ea
  • 6" Poinsettias Red or White $3.99 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday's Giant Trip

It felt so good to do a little coupon shopping, it feels like it's been forever since I've gone to the grocery store.  Pregnancy sickness, and tiredness is probably to blame for that.  Those symptoms are not completely gone, but I do feel better, and can eat a little more!  Here's the deals I stocked up on...

6 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes $1.79 ea - $0.54 ea Sale - $0.85/2 MC doubled, - $0.75/2 MC doubled x 2 = 6/$2.80 ($0.47 ea!)
1 dozen Large White Giant Eggs $2.49 - FREE wyb 5 Betty Crocker Items store promo = FREE
2 bags Florida Crystals Raw Sugar $2.99 ea - $0.50 ea Sale - $0.55/1 MC doubled x 2 = 2/$2.78
1/2 lb VA Baked Deli Ham $3.43
2 pkgs Simply Mashed Potatoes $3.69 ea - $1.70 ea Sale - $0.75/1 MC doubled x 2 = 2/$0.98
2 pkgs Kraft Fresh Takes $3.19 ea - $0.20 ea Sale - $0.99/1 MC doubled x 2 = 2/$2.02
4 bottles VO5 Shampoo $0.99 ea - $0.10 ea Sale - $1/4 MC = 4/$2.56 ($0.64 ea!)
+ $0.22 Tax
Total OOP: $40.36 - $25.79 Savings/Coupons = $14.79 oop, Savings of 64%!!!!

Christmas Tour - 2013

This year we decided to take the whole Christmas decorating a little easy.  With being well into my second trimester, I felt like decorating a lot, but I wasn't sure how I'd feel tearing everything down come the end of January.  But the house feels Christmasy enough for us, and that's all that matters.
First off is the kitchen, I put my gingerbread garland over the sink...
 Changed the table linens, and candle topper, and added a snowman my mom made to the wall.
 You can't see it very good in the photo, but I added some berry bunches inside the china cupboard, and put my Christmas magnets on the fridge.
 At the museum, every year during the Christmas tours, we have a different theme.  They also have an ornament to go with the theme.  Joe and I have one for each year he's been here as the caretaker.  Right now they are all on this wreath, but I think we are going to have to upgrade before next year; it's pretty full!
 I switch out the 'art' in this frame for every holiday/season to keep things fresh.
 We decided to just do a 3 foot tree this year to keep things simple and easy to put away later.  Since I'm pregnant, we decided to decorate it with our baby ornaments from when we were little.  It turned out adorable!
 Tree shot #2
 Lastly, I added some poinsettias to my old bucket, and put my Christmas hippo out, he is definitely my favorite!
I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far, I know we are!  Now, off to bake more cookies!  :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 12/16/2013

This week ends the Christmas tours here at the museum.  I'm off from work until the 2nd of January, then I go back 7 days a week until April - Ouch!  Hopefully everything with the pregnancy will cooperate.  I have some more cookie doughs to make this week, and lots of baking to do.  Wednesday I am cutting my niece's boyfriend's grandmother's hair, hopefully that will go smoothly.  I'm used to buzzing guys hair, so we'll see, she wants a straight cut, so hopefully it will turn out.  I am loving the snow fall here in MD, and hopefully it will stick around so we can have a white Christmas!  I'm also hoping to get my Christmas cards out this week.  It should be a fairly low-key week, with a little relaxing!  Here's what's on the menu plan...

Breakfasts: Pop-Tarts, Bagels with Butter or Cream Cheese

Lunches: Leftovers, or Sandwiches with Chips

Sunday - Out with a Friend, her treat :)
Monday - Out for our 1/2 Anniversary (using a coupon and gift card at Texas Road House)
Tuesday - Crock-Pot Lasagne with Foccacia Bread
Wednesday - Homemade Pizza #1
Thursday - Homemade Pizza #2 or Stromboli
Friday - Crock-Pot Chili/Taco Salad made with Chili instead of Taco Meat (Joe prefers chili and crackers, I like it on salad)
Saturday - Leftover Chili and Salad

Extras: Homemade Cookies

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 12/08-14/2013

This week I did my big December shopping trip for baking supplies, as well as the things we will need for Christmas dinner.  We also needed some things which we had run out of like tea bags, bottled water, milk, and cold medicine.  Joe also used 2 $10 Kohl's coupons to get me 3 Christmas presents!  Overall I'm please with what I got for the price I paid.  The rest of the month will be a lot easier on the budget.  Here's what we ended up with...
  • Monday's Giant Trip (no picture, Milk, Chips, and 2 boxes Hot Cocoa): $9.42 oop
  • Monday's ALDI Trip (no picture, lots of baking supplies - eggs, margarine, flour, sugar, shortening, morsels, PB, and lots of cheeses we were out of - Parmesan, Ricotta, Shredded Mozzarella and Cheddar, as well as things for Christmas dinner like Green Beans, Sour Cream, and Onion Soup Mix, and snacks like Pop-Tarts and Granola Bars for Joe): $56.35 oop
  • Wednesday's Giant Trip (no picture, 2 Ketchup, 4 boxes Tea Bags, and 1 bag of Chips): $10.79 oop
  • Wednesday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, just 2 bottles of 'Robitussin DM'):  $2 oop
  • Saturday's Shopper's Trip (no picture, 2 cases H2O, 2 Newspapers): $13.13 oop
  • Saturday's Kohl's (no picture, 3 Christmas Presents, used 2 $10 coupons): $10.57 oop
Total OOP: $102.26, that's a lot for us, but I'm also done all my baking supply shopping for the season, and I have everything I need for Christmas dinner, but the ham, which Joe's grandfather buys every year.  The rest of the month should be much easier on the budget :)

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 12/11/2013

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Weds. 12/11 ONLY: Family Pack Fresh Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb
  • Potatoes 10 lb bag $1.99 ea
  • Yellow Onions 3 lb bag $0.79 ea
  • Sweet Potatoes 3 lb bag $1.19 ea
  • Mandarins 3 lb bag $2.69 ea
  • Pineapple $1.49 ea
  • Naval Oranges 4 lb bag $1.99 ea
  • Friendly Farms Milk Gallons $1.99 ea
  • Goldhen Eggs $1.29 ea Limit 6 per customer
  • Baker's Corner Granulated Sugar 4 lb bags $1.49 ea Limit 6 per customer
  • Baker's Corner All-purpose Flour 5 lb bags $1.39 ea Limit 6 per customer
  • Sweet Harvest Cranberry Sauce Jellied or Whole Berry 14 oz $0.89 ea
  • Clancy's Popcorn Kernels 32 oz $1.69 ea
  • Happy Farms Cheese Ball Sharp Cheddar or Port Wine 10 oz $2.49 ea
  • Country Side Creamery Butter Quarters Salted or Unsalted 16 oz $1.69 ea
  • Bake House Creations Pie Crusts 15 oz 2 count $1.49 ea
  • Friendly Farms or Fit and Active Whipped Topping  8 oz $0.89 ea
  • Baker's Corner Sweetened Condensed Milk 14 oz $1.19 ea
  • Baker's Corner Confectioners or Light Brown Sugar 32 oz $1.19 ea
  • Baker's Corner Baking Morsels Semi-Sweet, Milk, White, or Butterscotch 11-12 oz $1.29 ea
  • Happy Harvest Whole Kernel or Cream-Styled Corn 14.75-15.25 oz, or Cut or French-Style Green Beans 14.5 oz $0.49 ea
  • Sweet Harvest Canned Pineapple Slices 20 oz $0.89 ea
  • Season's Choice Steamable Vegetables Broccoli Florets or California Medley 12 oz $1.09 ea
  • Season's Choice Chopped Spinach 10 oz $0.99 ea
  • Season's Choice Steak Fries 28 oz $1.69 ea
  • Kitchen Living 6 piece Red or White Wine Glass Set $9.99 ea
  • 6.5" Premium Poinsettia Assorted Colors Metal Pot Included $4.99 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their homepage!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 12/09/2013

This week is going to be a little crazy.  We are open for Christmas tours here at the museum, so I'll be working a few days this week.  My morning sickness has returned, unfortunately, which makes eating, and being productive hard.  I also have two baking orders for friends due early next week, so I need to get my dough made up so it has some time to rest before baking it up this weekend.  But luckily I got all our Christmas decorating done this past week, including the tree (pictures to come), and I only have one more gift to buy, and I'm all done shopping for the year (except grocery store trips).

Breakfasts: Pop-Tarts, Bagels with Butter or Cream Cheese

Lunches: Leftovers, Sandwiches

Monday - Leftover Pork with Baked French Fries
Tuesday - Italian Shake and Bake Chicken with Jasmine Rice
Wednesday - Crock-pot Lasagne with Garlic Foccacia Bread
Thursday - Leftover Lasagne and Bread
Friday - TBA, maybe out?
Saturday - Museum Christmas Dinner :)

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 12/02/2013

Well, I wasn't sure my pregnant self was gonna make it, but I did.  My husband Joe and I hosted Thanksgiving for our families, a total of 11.  Then on Friday my sister took me Black Friday shopping and to a delicious Cracker Barrel lunch.  Saturday other than a couple of errands, I was finally able to rest.  My toes were like little sausages after the prior two days, so some time in the recliner with my feet up was just the ticket!  Good thing since Sunday was my first baby shower!  We are so blessed to have the amazing friends that we do!  And we were definitely blessed with all of the wonderful baby presents we received!  This week things settle down a little bit.  I go to the Dr. on Tuesday, so we'll get to hear the heartbeat again - Yeah!  We open for Christmas here at the museum at the end of the week, and I plan to get our apartment decorated for Christmas before then.  But, other than that, this week is gonna breeze right by, hopefully :)  Here's what's cooking this week...

Breakfasts: Bagels with Cream Cheese or Butter

Lunches: Leftovers or Sandwiches

Sunday - Leftover Turkey and Fixings
Monday - Leftover Turkey and Fixings
Tuesday - Leftover Turkey and Fixings
Thursday - Leftover Lasagne with Garlic Bread
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Stromboli

Extras: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tempt Your Tummy Tuesday: Crock-pot Pot Roast with Carrots, Potatoes, and Onions


 Pot Roast is a delicious and simple meal that only requires a few minutes of prep before it cooks slowly all day in the crock-pot and is ready and waiting for you when you get home from work.  Here's how I do Pot Roast...

  1. I like to put my potatoes and carrots underneath my roast, so all those good meat drippings get on them.  So first I wash, peel, and dice my potatoes and carrots, and add them to the crock-pot.
  2. After your roast is thawed, salt and pepper it on both sides, and brown it on both sides in a little oil.  Then add your roast on top of your vegetables in the crock-pot.
  3. In the same pan I browned the roast in, I saute a sliced onion in a little butter.  When the onion is softened, I add about a cup a beef broth to de-glaze the pan.  Then I pour the onions and broth over the roast in the crock-pot.
  4. Cover with the lid and cook on Low 6-8 hours, or until your roast is done.
  5. I serve my roast sliced with a large helping of potatoes and carrots, with a little broth drizzled over it all -- yum-o!
*Refrigerate any leftovers
*Leftover over broth makes wonderful gravy to top a leftover sliced pot roast sandwich, just sayin' :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 11/25/2013

This week is going to be very crazy.  I baked some pies for some friends, in exchange for some cash money to spend on all the great Black Friday deals this week!  I having Thanksgiving this year for my family and my husband's; there will be 11 of us.  Since I'm 21 weeks pregnant, I'm going to try and do as much as I can prep-wise on Tuesday and Wednesday, so hopefully I don't fall asleep in my mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving ;)  I kept things pretty simple on the menu as well...

Breakfasts: Bagels with Cream Cheese or Butter

Lunches: Leftovers, or Sandwiches

Sunday - Beef Pot Roast with Carrots, Potatoes, and Onions in the Crock-pot
Monday - Leftover Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions with Baked Chicken Breasts
Tuesday - Homemade Pizza
Wednesday - Out :)
Thursday - Turkey Day!  Smoked Turkey with all the fixings, and pie!
Friday - Leftover Turkey and sides
Saturday - Leftover Turkey and sides
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Fall Deep Clean: Day #4

The last area to clean was the kitchen, which we broke into two days since you really need a whole day just to scour the floor, which my wonderful husband did for me :)  We moved out the appliances, and vacuumed and mopped behind them.  Everything on the counters got moved and scrubbed under.  Windows washed, curtains washed and dried, and the light globes washed as well.  Here are the results!

View #1 Before:

View #2 Before:

View #3 Before:

ALDI Deals Starting 12/04/2013

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Weds. 12/04 ONLY: Cattlemen's Ranch Fresh Beef Stew Kit 2.2 lbs $7.99 ea
  • Naval Oranges 4 lb bag $1.99 ea
  • Blackberries 6 oz $0.89 ea
  • Mixed Pears 4 pk $1.49 ea
  • Grapefruits $0.39 ea
  • Pomegranates $0.89 ea
  • Mandarins 3 lb bag $2.69 ea
  • Simply Nature All Natural Spiral Sliced Ham $2.99/lb
  • L'oven Fresh Cheesecake Sampler 9" 40 oz $8.99 ea
  • Friendly Farms Milk gallons $1.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Holiday Morsels 10 oz $1.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner All Purpose Flour 5 lb bag $1.39 Limit 6 per customer
  • Baker's Corner Sugar 4 lbs $1.49 ea Limit 6 per customer
  • Goldhen Eggs Grade A Large $1.29 ea Limit 6 per customer
  • Excitemint Soft Peppermint Puffs 10 oz $1.69 ea
  • Kerry Gold Red Leicester or Swiss 7 oz $3.29 ea
  • Life Savers Hard Candy or Gummies 6.8-7 oz $2.49 ea
  • Choceur Dark or Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds Wine Topper 4 oz $1.99 ea
  • Coastal Cocktails Holiday Mixers $4.99 ea
  • Work Zone 18 pc Tool Set and Carrying Case $19.99 ea
  • Work Zone Tool Organizer $7.99 ea
  • Frosty Fern $4.99 ea
  • 5" Easy Orchid $9.99 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

ALDI Deals, Starting 11/24/2013

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Potatoes $1.99/10 lb bag
  • Yellow Onions $0.79/3 lb bag
  • Celery $0.79 ea
  • Sweet Potatoes $1.19/3 lb bag
  • Cranberries $0.99/12 oz bag
  • Pineapple $1.49 ea
  • Baker's Corner Gingerbread Cookie Mix 17.5 oz $1.69 ea
  • Baker's Corner 6-in-1 Baking Sprinkles Jar 7.2 oz $2.99 ea
  • Clancy's Dipped Peppermint Pretzel Stars 7 oz $1.99 ea
  • Clancy's Holiday Tortilla Chips 14 oz $1.49 ea
  • Season's Choice Broccoli Cuts 16 oz $0.85 ea
  • Benton's Candy Cane Chocolate Sandwich Cremes 15.25 oz $1.99 ea
  • Belmont Candy Cane or French Silk Pies Thaw and Serve 24-28 oz $5.99 ea
  • Friendly Farms Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer 16 oz $1.49 ea
  • Huntington Home Holiday Accent Rug 20x30' $6.99 ea
  • Huntington Home 2 pc Holiday Towel Set $3.99 ea
  • Boulder Holiday Disposable Containers 3 or 5 pc sets $1.99 ea
  • Boulder Holiday Gallon Storage Bags 40 ct $1.99 ea
  • Boulder Limited Edition Holiday Print Paper Towels $0.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Baking or Pastry Utensils $3.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Silicone Baking Mat $4.99 ea
 For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their homepage!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 11/17-23/2013

This week I really tried to only pick up things that I knew I would need for the upcoming holidays.  As well as the things I would need to round out this week's menu plan.  Here's what I ended up with...
  • Wednesday's CVS Trip: $10.08 oop, Earned $11 ECB's
  • Wednesday's ALDI Trip: $13.87 oop
  • Wednesday's Dollar Tree Trip: $15.24 oop
  • Wednesday's Walgreen's Trip: $9.08 oop
  • Wednesday's Giant Trip (no picture, just cake mix, toilet cleaner, and tortilla chips): $6.35 oop
Total OOP: $54.62 - $11 Earned Rewards = Net OOP: $43.62
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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Fall Deep Clean: Day Three

Tuesday was day 3 of our Fall deep clean, and we did the living room.  Everything got dusted, wiped down, moved and vacuumed under.  The windows got washed and the curtains were washed and ironed.  We also washed and dried the futon cover and our winter blankets on the backs of our chairs.  Plus all the junk got removed.  The living room is now all ready for our holiday guests!

First view Before:
Second view Before:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ALDI Deals, Starting 11/20/2013

Here's some of the AWESOME deals at ALDI this week...
  • Weds. 11/20 ONLY: Butterball Fresh Whole Turkey $1.29/lb (avg. weight 13 lbs)
  • Weds. 11/20 ONLY: Custom Made Meals Fresh Stuffed Pork Chops $4.99/lb 
  • Potatoes 10 lbs $1.99 ea
  • Yellow Onions 3 lb $0.79 ea
  • Celery $0.79 ea
  • Sweet Potatoes 3 lb bag $1.19 ea
  • Cranberries 12 oz bag $0.99 ea
  • Pineapples 1.49 ea
  • Beaumont Dark Chocolate or French Vanilla Hot Chocolate Mix 8 oz $1.29 ea
  • Beaumont Bagged Coffee Holiday Assortment Mocha Mint, White Chocolate Chunk, or Gingerbread 12 oz $4.99 ea
  • Gourmet Select Popcorn Tins Caramel Corn, Cheddar Cheese, and Butter 18 oz $4.99 ea
  • Specially Selected Bite-sized Salami Original or Spicy 8 oz $2.99 ea
  • Clancy's Pretzel Rings 20 oz $1.49 ea
  • Clancy's Bagel Chips Sea Salt or Roast Garlic 6 oz $1.79 ea
  • Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen French Bread Pizzas Vegetable or 5 Cheese 9.2-9.9 oz $1.99 ea
  • Season's Choice Steamable Baby Brussel Sprouts 12 oz $1.29 ea
  • Baker's Corner Molasses 16 oz $1.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron 5 Qt Braiser, or  6 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Red or Blue $29.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Cast Iron Trivet 7.5-8" Diameter $4.99 ea
  • Huntington Home Christmas Roll Wrap $1.99 ea
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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fall Deep Clean: Day Two

Today Joe and I tackled two rooms, but they were small and fairly easy.  First up was the hallway...
Ahh, so much better!  Then it was onto the bathroom...
Yeah, two more rooms done!  Tomorrow it's onto the living room!  
Is anyone else getting their house geared up for the holidays?

Menu Plan Monday: 11/18/13

This week Joe and I get to go to the anatomy sonogram for the baby, and we are so EXCITED!!!!  We are also doing our Fall deep cleaning before the holidays, 1 room each day.  Plus, we are going to Joe's grandfather's house to work on Thursday, and there is a dinner we have to attend on Saturday.  So, it's gonna be pretty crazy this week.  Here's what's on the menu plan, which I tried to keep uber simple!

Breakfasts: Bagels with Cream Cheese or Butter

Lunches: Leftovers or Sandwiches

Monday - Leftover Pork with Baked French Fries
Tuesday - Hotdogs with Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese - Just keepin' it real here ;)
Wednesday - Sonogram/Errand Day - Out :)
Thursday - Working @ Pap's house, Out with him :)
Friday - Crock-pot Chuck Roast with Onions, Potatoes, and Carrots, and Homemade Bread
Saturday - Blacksmith dinner we need to attend

Extras: Brownies

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The Fall Deep Clean: Day One

I totally forgot to take before pictures yesterday morning before we started to tackle the bedroom.  But here are the after pictures, and they are amazing!  Everything has been scrubbed, dusted, washed, moved, and remade.  It's so nice to have everything so sparkly before the holiday season.