Saturday, September 5, 2009

$ Store Stop

Stopped into the $ Store this week, but you will notice no papers in my picture, that is because there are NO COUPONS in this weeks papers (unless they come in a store ad) due to the Labor Day Holiday... I'm still a little upset about it all, but it does give me an extra week to catch up on my clipping and filing, so I guess there can be good in all situations, even no coupons :-) Anyway...
2 Utz Chips (Also for the Steam Show this weekend) $2.00
1 Raisin Snack Pk Minis $1.00 (this UPC will get me a FREE Blue's Clues book for me to tuck away in my collection of children's books)
Total, no tax: $3.00 (the value of the book is $3.99 alone)

Shopper's Trip 09/05/09

Stopped into Shopper's to get some of the really cheap bologna (that I secretly love, especially on white bread with cheese and mayonaise - drool..., but I digress) and kraft singles...
2 Kraft Singles on sale 2/$4.00 - $1.00 in ad C on 2 = $3.00/2
2 Oscar Mayer Bolognas on sale 2/$4.00 (originally $4+ EACH!) - $2.00 in ad C on 2 = $2.00/2
Oatmeal Cream pies $1.25 on sale (these are for the Steam show coming up, better to splurge on snacks then buy the overpriced food there...)
2 Cream Cheese Tubs $1.89 ea - $1.00/2 MC = $2.78/2
3 Yoplait Yogurts $0.75 ea - $0.60/3 MC - $0.60 Double = $1.05/3
Blue Ribbon Sandwich Bread $1.99 on sale
Some Salad Bar veggies for salads this week $1.93
Free 6 pk of Coke Zero Bottles (my mom bought 4 - 12 pks of Coke and got a free 6 pk, so she gave it to me - YAY!)
Total: $14.00 + Tax