Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Works for me Weds: Pine Pellet Cat Litter

One or our kitties was having some problems with the Fresh Step and Arm and Hammer clumping litter that we had always bought.  His nails were starting to get very brittle and almost infected looking, so we started to investigate more natural forms of litter.  That led us to Feline Pine.  We LOVE feline pine.  His nails cleared up in no time, and so did my sinuses.  However, Feline Pine can be expensive, as around Westminster the only place to buy it is Pet Smart, or drive all the way to Hanover, PA and buy it at the Super Wal-mart.  So, back to the internet we went.  After some researching and a LOT of reading, we found that you can use Wood Pellets that are bought for pellet stoves!  This was a HUGE discovery for us.  We now go through about a 40lb bag a month (pictured above).  The brands and prices vary store to store (just make sure there is no accelerate included), and most will only carry the product October through February, so you will need to stock up for the Spring and Summer, BUT at only $3-$5 a 40lb bag!!!!!!!!  That is an AMAZING price for litter!  So, I know what you are thinking, how do you use it?  Well, it really isn't that difficult.  We clean ours about every other day for our 3 kitties, and it doesn't smell at all.  With most scoopable litters, you scoop out the bad stuff and the good litter is left behind.  With the pine pellets, it's the complete opposite.  You scoop out the little kitty turds first, they you start sifting the good pellets out, leaving behind moist used sawdust like stuff...
This is what you throw out.  Then you can add the partially used pellets back into the litter box, and as needed, add some fresh pellets to the top, like this...
Another added bonus, you can compost the stuff that you would normally throw away - no chemicals!
If anyone has questions, or decides to try this out as well, leave a comment.

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St. Patrick's Day Recipes

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Pictured above are the Shamrock and Gold Coin Cookies.