Friday, March 18, 2016

Frugal Easter Basket for the Hubby

 I spent a few weeks collecting things to add to Joe's Easter basket.  My husband LOVES sweets, so I knew that was going to be the primary thing I filled his basket with.  I picked up almost everything at the Dollar Tree, including the cute tin bucket!  I also scored some deals at CVS, grabbed two $1 items at Wal-mart, and used a coupon at Michael's.  Overall, I spent less than $13 to put together this AWESOME Easter bucket for my hubby!  I know he's gonna LOVE it!!
1 ADORABLE Bunny Bucket (from Dollar Tree) $1
1 package Mini Snickers (from Dollar Tree) $1
1 Theater Box Cookie Dough Bites (from Dollar Tree) $1
2 boxes Strawberry and Banana Laffy Taffy (from Wal-mart) $2
1 bag Strawberries and Cream Laffy Taffy (from CVS) $1.99
1 Reese's Egg (from CVS) $0.25
1 package Mini Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bars (from CVS) $0.75
1 Sleep Mask (from Dollar Tree) $1
1 Cadbury Egg (from CVS) FREE!
1 Retro Walkie-Talkie Handset (from Dollar Tree) $1
1 package Gorilla Super glue (from Michael's) $2.39
Total Spent: $12.38 + Tax