Sunday, October 28, 2012

ALDI Deals Starting 10/24/2012

Here are some of the deals this week at ALDI...
  • Kitchen Living Metal Bake ware $2.99 ea
  • Kitchen Living Silicone Bake ware $2.99 ea
  • St, Cloud Kitchen Towel, Oven Mitt, and Pot Holder Set $6.99 ea
  • Stonemill Essentials Pure Extracts, Lemon, Peppermint, and Almond 2 oz $1.99 ea
  • Stonemill Essentials Holiday Baking Spices 1.1-2 oz $1.69 ea
  • Baker's Corner Sweetened Flaked Coconut 14 oz $1.49 ea
  • Millville Creamy Wheat Cereal 28 oz $1.99 ea
  • Millville Steel Cut Oats 28 oz $2.49 ea
  • Lifeway Kefir Peach or Raspberry 32 oz $2.79 ea
  • Sea Queen Battered Fish Tenders 18 oz $2.99 ea
  • Sweet Potatoes 3 lb bag $1.19 ea
  • Pears 4 ct $1.69 ea
  • Grapefruit $0.59 ea
  • Red Grapes $0.99/lb
  • Pineapples $1.89 ea
For more information about ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Weekly Spending Report: 10/21-27/2012!

Here's this week's spending totals...
  • Sunday's Shopper's Trip (2 newspapers, 2 bags trick-or-treat candy for an event): $10.35
  • Friday's Amish Market Trip (3 LARGE bags Raw Sugar): $29.97
  • Saturday's Giant Trip: $60.10 - UGH!  Why do groceries cost so much, duh, probably because I don't go to the store neat as often as I should!  :-)
Total OOP: $100.42, Ouch!  But we are now stocked up on sugar for a little while, and a few other things.  Next week we'll start with November's budget - I LOVE a fresh start!

Saturday's Giant Trip

Saturday Joe and I had a nice date night.  We stopped into the mall and got our rings checked, and picked up our free candles from Bath and Body Works.  Then we stopped across the street at Ledo's for a delicious dinner and went to Giant to do some much needed grocery shopping.  I should probably start going every week again, and then the bill wouldn't be so high, but I just can't seem to drag myself in any more than I have.  Maybe November will be better!  Here's what we ended up with at Giant...
2 Newspapers, not pictured $2 ea = 2/$4
2 boxes Green Giant Cheesy Rice and Broccoli (my favorite!) $2 ea - $0.50/1 MC doubled x 2 = 2/$2
1/2 gal 2 % Organic Milk $3.49
4 pkgs Sargento String/Stick Cheese $4.29 ea - $0.80 ea Sale - $1/2 MC x 2 = 4/$11.96, and I earned $0.20/gal!
1 pkg Unsalted Butter $3.49
4 Organic Bananas $1.28
1-100 ct box Giant Tagless Tea Bags $1.25 
1 Loaf Sara Lee Bread $2.99 - $0.99 Sale - $0.75/1 MC = $1.25
1 loaf Pepperidge Farm Bread $3.99 - $1 Sale = $2.99
2 bags Organic Tortilla Chips $3.49 ea - $0.99 ea Sale - $1/1 MC x 2 = 2/$3
1 box Poptarts $3.35 - $0.35 Sale = $3
2 lb bags Organic Carrots $1.29 ea - $0.30 ea Sale = 2/$1.98
2 pkgs Crystal Light $4.19 ea = 2/$8.38
1 Marie's Blue Cheese Dip/Dressing $3.99 - $1 Sale = $2.99
2 boxes Purevia $2.59 ea - $0.30 ea Sale - $1/1 MC x 2 = 2/$2.58
1 pk Sage $1
3 pkgs Cat Treats $1.65 ea - $0.15 ea Sale - $0.50/1 MC doubled and $0.75/2 MC doubled = 3/$2
1 Squeeze Mayo $4.89 - $1.89 Sale = $3

Total OOP: $83.19 - $23.32 Sales and Coupons = $60.10!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: October 22nd, 2012

This week is already full, and it has just began.  We did our last flea market for the year (I think), so those things need to be taken back to Joe's grandfather's (Pap) basement, I need to clean the chest freezer out, so I can start making cookie dough for my holiday orders I'll have coming in, and Friday we have a memorial service to go to, so needless to say, this week is going to be CRAZY!  Any who, this is what were going to be eating this week...

Breakfasts: Cold or Hot Cereals, Banana Nut Bread

Lunches: Leftovers, Canned Soup with Crackers and Cheese, and/or Frozen Meals

Sunday - Bob Evans Take out
Monday - Bob Evans Take #2
Tuesday - Zuppa Tuscana with Homemade Foccacia Bread
Wednesday - (we'll be at Pap's house, and he usually takes us to) Chili's!
Thursday - Leftover Soup and Bread
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Egg and Bacon/Sausage Scrambles with Toast and Canned Fruit

Extras: Homemade Cake Mix Cookies with Chocolate Chips

For more AWESOME Menu plans, visit Org Junkie!

Weekly Spending Report: 10/14-20/2012!

Here's this week's spending totals...
  • Tuesday's Shopper's Trip (Donuts, Cat Food, Mayo, and Pop Tarts): $12.47 oop
  • Wednesday's Shopper's Trip (Raw Sugar, Milk, and 3 Chili Seasonings): $11.68 oop
  • Wednesday's Big Lots Trip (Snack Foods for Joe, Organic Canned Tomatoes, and Oats): $14.02 oop
Total OOP: $38.17!

Giveaway at the Humbled Homemaker!

Erin over at the Humbled Homemaker is giving away a $30 gift certificate to Jenuinely Pure.  This company has some amazing products that I cannot wait to try.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

ALDI Deals, Starting 10/17/2012

Here are a few of the deals at ALDI this week...

  • Priano Vodka Pasta Sauce 23.5 oz $1.79 ea
  • Priano Roasted Peppers Assorted Varieties 12 oz $1.89 ea
  • Priano Italian Style Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz $0.59 ea
  • Priano  Alfredo Sauce Roasted Garlic, Light, or Sun Dried Tomato 15 oz $1.69 ea
  • Priano Cheese Filled Frozen Tortellini 19 oz $2.49 ea
  • Happy Harvest Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz $0.89 ea
  • Kitchen Living 3 piece Pizza Stone Set $9.99 ea 
  • Yellow Onions 3 lb bag $0.99 ea
  • Green Bell Peppers 2 pk $0.89 ea
  • White Mushrooms 8 oz pkg $0.89 ea
  • Zucchini 24 oz pkg $1.19 ea
  • Roma Tomatoes 16 oz $0.99 ea
  • Little Salad Bar Italian or Caesar Salad 10 oz $0.99 ea

For more information about ALDI, visit their Homepage!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

ALDI Deals, Starting 10/10/2012

Here are some of the deals this week at ALDI...
  • Sweet Potatoes 3 lb bag $1.19 ea
  • Pumpkins $2.99 ea
  • Butternut Squash $1.29 ea
  • Apples, all varieties 3 lb bag $2.79 ea
  • Caramel Apple 3 pk $1.59 ea
  • Pineapple $1.89 ea
  • Priano Ricotta Cheese 15 oz $1.79 ea
  • Reggano Lasagna Noodles 16 oz $1.29 ea
  • Happy Harvest Whole Canned Tomatoes 28 oz $0.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Blueberry Pie Filling 21 oz $2.49 ea
  • Baker's Corner Apple Pie Filling 21 oz $1.49 ea
  • Baker's Corner Baking Cocoa 8 oz $2.49 ea
  • Baker's Corner Baking Powder 8.1 oz $0.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Sweetened Flaked Coconut 14 oz $1.49 ea
  • Baker's Corner Brown and Powdered Sugars 32 oz $1.39 ea
For more information about ALDI, visit their homepage!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ALDI Deals, Starting 10/03/2012!

Here are some of the deals starting this week at ALDI...
  • Baker's Corner Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows 10 oz $0.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Pumpkin Pie Bar Mix 17.25 oz $1.99 ea
  • Baker's Corner Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pie Mix 13 oz $2.79 ea
  • Baker's Corner Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix 17.5 oz $1.49 ea
  • Beaumont Pumpkin Spice Dry Coffee Creamer 15 oz $2.19 ea
  • Belmont Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake 40 oz $7.99 ea
  • Belmont Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream 48 oz $2.69 ea
  • Friendly Farms Pumpkin Spice Milk 32 oz $1.99 ea
  • Fit and Active Pumpkin Pie Non fat Yogurt 6 oz $0.39 ea
  • Happy Harvest Chili style Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz $0.59 ea
  • L'oven Fresh Pumpkin Bagels 20 oz $ 1.99 ea
  • L'oven Fresh Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcakes 8.8 oz $2.29 ea
  • Specially Selected Pumpkin Ravioli 16 oz $2.49 ea
  • Seneca Cinnamon Apple Chips 2.5 oz $1.39 ea
  • Garden Mums 8" pots $2.99 ea
For more information about ALDI, visit their Homepage

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Spending Report: 09/30-10/06/2012!

Here's this past week's spending report, much better from last week's if I do say so myself!

  • Sunday's Dollar Tree Trip (1-2 pk Sanding Blocks, 3 boxes generic Zrytec, and 1-1 lb box Domino Sugar): $5.06 oop
  • Sunday's Safeway Trip (2 Newspapers $1 ea, and 4 boxes Frosted Mini Wheat Cereal about $1.35 ea!): $7.53 oop
  • Saturday's Gas Station Trip (2 newspapers): $2

Total OOP: $14.59!!!!

Menu Plan Monday: October 8, 2012

Joe and I just got back from a nice weekend away at a flea market.  We made some money, and had a great time visiting with friends and family!  This week should be a little slower in pace than last week, or at least I hope so!  Here's what's on the menu for this week...

Breakfasts: Cold or Hot Cereals, Yogurt with Granola

Lunches: Leftovers, Sandwiches, Canned Soup with Cheese and Crackers

  • Chinese Takeout :-)
  • Pizza Takeout (just getting back from our weekend away)
  • French Toast with Sausage Patties
  • Zuppa Tuscana with Homemade Foccacia Bread
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Soup
  • Egg and Sausage Scrambles with Toast
  • Nachos/Taco Salads
Extras: Homemade Apple Pie!

For more AWESOME Menu Plans, visit Org Junkie!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Spending Report: 09/23-29/2012!

Things have been crazy around here for the past two months.  After my mom died, it just seems that is has been one thing after the other with our families and here at the museum, so it really feels nice to be back to blogging again - I have missed it so!!!  I have been shopping, but not very often, and not for a whole lot of deals, just scraping by with the essentials.  So, without further ado, here's this week's spending totals...
  • Baugher's (1/2 bushel #2 apples for pie filling, cider, and 4 peppers): $14.90 oop
  • Staples (1 ream printer paper): $3.18 oop, Earned $3 Easy Rebate
  • Giant (various groceries, spent $50 to get the 300 bonus gas points: $54.16, Earned 554 Bonus Gas Points!
  • Rite-Aid (4 pks of FREE Stayfree Pads, 2 boxes OB Tampons, 1-4 pk Rite-Aid TP, and 2 bags and candy): $6.53 oop, Earned $3 UP+Rewards!
Grand Total OOP: $78.77 - $6 Earned Rewards = $72.77 Net OOP!  This seems like a lot for me, but I haven't really shopped for much over the past two months, so our stocked up food supply is dwindling.  I am trying to stock up on deals for things we eat/use a lot as I see them to try and get our food supplies stocked back up before winter :-)

Menu Plan Monday: 09/30/2012!

I am so glad to be back to menu planning.  Things have been hectic around here ever since my mom died the end of July.  It seems as though Joe and I barely have a minute to put our feet up before the next item on our agenda is staring us in the face!  It's been good, and bad, but we are making it through.  Here's what's cooking at the Roger's house this week...

Breakfasts: Cold or Hot Cereals, Yogurt with Fruit and Granola

Lunches: Leftovers, Canned Soup with Crackers,Sandwiches, or Frozen Meals

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - McDonald's :-)
Tuesday - Nachos
Wednesday - 'Fried' Shrimp with Baked French Fries and a Veggie
Thursday - Away at a flea market!
Friday -  Away at a flea market!
Saturday - Away at a flea market!

Extras: Homemade Apple Pie with Home-canned pie filling!

For more AWESOME Menu Plans, visit Org Junkie