Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eating from the Pantry Challenge Week #3

So, week #3 went VERY well in regards to eating from the pantry and not out, as well as using up items in our stockpiled cub boards. :-) We're getting there, but I'm thinking after a much needed trip for the basics (sugar, flour, cat food) after week four, we should be able to continue the challenge through February! I'm excited to actually see the back walls of my freezers again...
Totals for the week:
Food - $4.27 (Martin's)
Health & Beauty - $2.11 (Wag's & $ store)
Household - $2.12 (2 newspapers)
Total for the week: $8.50 -- WOW!!!!
Amount left to spend in Week #4: $10.66