Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekly Spending Report: 04/26-05/02/2015

This week was a little crazy with Joe gearing up for the Civil War event here at the museum, so I didn't get to do a whole lot of shopping.  I did manage to stop at ALDI for a few things, but with the budget mess-up last month, I paid with money I shouldn't have had left, and still had money left over, which I added to our 'fun money' envelope.  So, the only trip that came out of the budget money was my Dollar Tree Trip, which you can see below...
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip: $2.12 (2 newspapers)
Total OOP: $2.12
Total Earned: $0
Total Remaining: $0

April Goals Post

April was better than February and March, but not by much.  I had a tea to run, and re-started my contract job here at the museum, plus we celebrated Howard's 1st birthday!  So, needless to say, things have been a little nut-so around here with all three of us trying to get into a new groove.  But I think we are finally starting to understand and follow our new routine.  I did get some things done, and I am hoping to really knock some stuff out in May!  Here's what I accomplished in April...
  1. De-clutter the whole house in January, February, and March -- Done!
  2. Do a Deep-Spring, and Deep-Fall Clean in March and November  As well as keep up with my weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning chores. -- I was able to keep up with my weekly cleaning responsibilities (and the laundry) even with all the crazy going on in our lives.
  3. Paint the Windows/Sills/Trim in the Kitchen and Nursery. -- I am hoping to work on this in May.  The weather has been nice, but usually when I'm working, so hopefully May will be a little more cooperative.  
  1. Write a 'love letter' to Joe each month -- I did manage to accomplish this in April.  It was an email message, but it was kind of a nice surprise for him to find among the museum and civil war emails that are filling his inbox.
  2. Take a trip to Maine in June with the hubby, and Howard. -- N/A
  3. Take a Trip to Ocean City in August -- N/A
  4. Get together with family at least once a month -- We got together with Joe's family on Easter for dinner, and then we got together with both families for Howard's birthday party.
  5. Plan and Execute Howard's 1st Birthday Party -- This was a total success!  I am planning to do a couple of posts throughout May illustrating how we celebrated his 1st birthday frugally, even with having a party for family and friends.
  1. Have 2 Freezer/Pantry Challenges (January and July), post updates on the blog, and defrost the chest freezer -- N/A
  2. Post my Menu Plan, and Weekly Spending Report every week, along with at least 1 other post per week.  This may be an update, a reveal, a recipe, a shopping trip, some Aldi Deals, or a frugal find. -- Well, I did keep up with my weekly spending reports, and my budget and goals updates, but that's about it.  I did do one Menu Plan post, but only 1.  I really want to make this a priority in May since I am working now and have a little time at the computer without a toddler on my lap. 
  3. Plan and execute a 31 days post for October. -- N/A
  1. Lose at least 20 lbs -- I don't really want to talk about this right now.  I didn't gain any, but I also didn't loss any either, and I'm starting to get frustrated.  Hopefully May will be better!
  2. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and do exercise of some kind everyday. -- I did this to a tee.  Joe and I have been walking every evening, and I have been drinking plenty of water, and trying to eat as healthy as I can manage right now.  I'm going to play around with eating different healthy things and see if it makes a difference.
  1. Do at least 5 Flea Markets throughout the year, and list at least bi-monthly on Amazon/Facebook Yard Sale. -- 1 Flea Market done to date.  
  2. Earn Swagbucks everyday by completing the daily poll, toolbar log-in, and NOSO offers daily.  (Try to earn $10 a month) -- I'm up to 943 swagbucks, only 1257 more and I can cash in for the $25 reward!  We'll see, maybe May will be the month!
  3. Set a monthly budget, and coupon and deal shop as needed to stay within our budget. -- I did coupon and deal shop this month, but I some how screwed up the budget, because I should be out of money, actually in the negative, and I still have money in the envelope, so...  But it all works out in the end.  I am starting May out fresh with $300, and I'll go from there.
  4. Put at least an extra $100 a month on Joe's Credit Card starting in May -- N/A
  1. Scan the huge-a** box of photos we have had since my mom died two and a half years ago, and get them sorted to give to people, as well as put the ones I decide to keep in albums. -- I'm not even planning to work in this until later in the year, July maybe, or possibly not until Fall, we'll see.
  2. Continue to work on Howard's baby book -- Howard's baby book is all caught up, until he does something else new, or we go to the doctors and have weight/length to record.  I secretly wanted to have this caught up by his birthday, and I succeeded!  I love it when that happens!  I still have to write about his birthday party, but I am hoping to cross this one off in May!
  3. Try something new at least once a month and blog about it.  I have a LOT of new recipes and crafts I want to try -- This so didn't happen, again.  Maybe May will be the game changer!
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