Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Organizing Update - Under the Kitchen Sink!

 The before.  This was definitely o-v-e-r-d-u-e!!!
During the cleaning out process...
And here, is the finished product!
I used an adhesive hook (like a command hook, but not re-positionable) from the Dollar Tree (came in a pkg of 12) for my re-usable cloth duster, and my bottle scrub brush.  My mom bought me the Lazy-Susan (used for my cleaning products) from the Goodwill in Eldersburg for only $3!  It doesn't work perfect, but it gets the job done.  I also used baskets from the Dollar Tree for my sponge/scrubbie stock-pile (which took up 2 baskets), my cleaning cloths, and some magic erasers/cleaning samples I have to use up.
And here is the close up view, which you can see my hanging watering can in (attached to a pipe with a bungee strap).  I think that having your cleaning supplies organized makes the task of cleaning a little more cheery!

Sunday's Big Lots Trip!

After Rite-Aid, Joe and I noticed that Big Lots was having a 20% off with coupon sale.  So we stopped in to see if we could get a coupon, and we did!  We picked up a few stock-up deals, and a couple of things for Joe's grandfather, which he paid us back for.  Here's what we ended up with...
2-4 lb cartons of Epsom Salt $2.70 ea - $0.54 ea coupon = $2.16 ea or 2/$4.32 ($0.54/lb!)
2 bottles Hydrogen Peroxide $0.50 ea - $0.10 ea coupon = 2/$0.80
2 Newman's Own Organic Oreo Cookies $1.30 ea - $0.26 ea coupon = $1.04 ea or 2/$2.08
1 bag Waffle Pretzels $1.30 - $0.26 coupon = $1.04
1 pkg Pro Weld (for Joe's grandfather) $3 - $0.60 coupon = $2.40 (got paid back for so zero for us)
1 bottle Fuel Injector Cleaner (for Joe's grandfather) $2 - $0.40 coupon = $1.60 (got paid back for so zero for us)
+ $0.55 Tax
Total OOP: $12.79 - $4 Cash Earned = Net OOP: $8.79!

Sunday's Rite-Aid Trip

 Joe and I stopped into Rite-Aid on the way home from Pap's house yesterday.  I'm going to have to go to the Rite-Aid on the other side of town later this week, because the Rite-Aid I went to last night, had nothing in stock.  I did pick up a few things though...
1-2 pk Soft Lips $3.99 - $0.80 card discount - $3/1 in-ad Coupon = $0.19
1-10 oz Revitalens Solution $9.99 - $2 Sale - $2/1 MC (newspaper) - $4/1 UP+Rewards = $1.99
1-16 oz TN Dickinson Witch Hazel $6.49 - $1.30 card discount - $2/1 MC (peelie on bottle) - $2/1 in-ad Coupon - $1 UP+Reward = $0.19
- $2 UP+Rewards used to Pay
Total OOP, no tax: $5.37, Earned $5 UP+Rewards!