Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ALDI Deals, Starting 03/12/2014

Here are some of the AWESOME deals this week at ALDI...
  • Weds. 03/12 ONLY: Fresh St. Louis Style Spare Ribs $1.99/lb
  • Cattlemen's Ranch USDA Choice Flat Cut Corned Beef Brisket $3.49/lb
  • Mushrooms 8 oz $0.69 ea
  • Baby Carrots 16 oz $0.49 ea
  • Little Salad Bar Garden Salad 12 oz $0.99 ea
  • Red Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.49 ea
  • Cabbage $0.99 ea
  • Yellow Onions 3 lb bag $0.79 ea
  • Deutsche Kuche Black Forest Ham 3 lb $8.99 ea
  • Deutsche Kuche German Breads Assorted Varieties 7.6 oz $1.79 ea
  • Deutsche Kuche Bavarian Soft Pretzels 17.57 oz $2.99 ea
  • Deutsche Kuche Bavarian Brand Wieners 12 oz $2.99 ea
  • Deutsche Kuche Pretzel Dough Sea Salt or Cinnamon Sugar 14.3-16.6 oz $2.49 ea
  • Deutsche Kuche Pound Cake Marble, Marzipan, or Lemon 14 oz $1.99 ea
  • Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel 6.3 oz $1.69 ea
  • Reeva Lavender or Shea Butter Dish Detergent 24 oz $1.89 ea
  • Easy Home 6 pc Scissor Set $3.99 ea
  • Easy Home Stackable File Box $8.99 ea
  • Easy Home Carpet Cleaner $59.99 ea
  • Easy Home Steam Mop $29.99 ea
  • Easy Home Wet/Dry Rechargeable Vac $19.99 ea
  • Welby Foam Cushion $5.99 ea
  • Huntington Home 18x30" All purpose Mat $6.99 ea
  • Huntington Home Plush or Berber Area Rug $19.99 ea
For more information about shopping at ALDI, visit their Homepage!

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Day 6

Today's challenge involved a quick pick up of the house, and cleaning out the car.  The first was easy, since it was Monday, it was my day to clean the house anyway.  So everything got picked up and straightened up, and cleaned.  Below is the after of the kitchen and bathroom.

The other item, cleaning out the car, was interesting to say the least, since I'm 8 months pregnant.  We're also going to install the car seat we recived over the weekend at my shower, but we haven't got that far yet! 
 Front Seat
Back Seat
I also decluttered 14 pieces of trash out of the car.

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