Friday, April 24, 2009

Mail Call 04/23/09

My Easter present off of Ebay finally arrived today, a 'New' Ball canning book. I have been wanting one of these so I can have recipes to make something with tomatoes, other than juice, to can. I think last year we canned about 50 jars of juice, and of course that does account for all of the tomatoes we gave away, and the ones we ate on sandwiches. Let's just say we had a lot of tomates! :-)

CVS Run 04/23/09

This was done in 2 transcations because Joe was getting hungry and Thursday is our eat-out night, so we went to Friendly's inbetween for dinner. But anyway, found an AMAZING hidden deal at CVS tonight...
Stayfree Overnight pads $0.78 ea x 3 = $2.34 (Plus ea one will still produce the ECB $2.00 ea, so MM!!!) But it gets better...
1 Stayfree, Dry Max $3.89 - 2 $2.00/2 MC (Used with above, so for all 4 pkgs $2.23 & I made 8 ECB, so still a MM)
Edge Shave gel $2.89 - Free after ECB
2 Extra gums $1.29/2 (Used BOGO Free CVS Coupon)
2 Cashews $0.99 ea - $2.00/2 CVS Coupon = Overage of $0.02
Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.00 - Free after ECB
Used 1 $4.99 ECB to pay and put rest on Free GC
Total after Sales, Coupons & ECB: Overage of $4.50 (in ECB)

Walmart Run 04/24/09 - Using up Expiring Coupons

Went to Walmart with the hubby. He needed the waterproofer ($4.64 a can), because reenacting season is starting and we don't want to have to sleep out in the rain and have a leaky tent... :-( Along with that the Firestart logs are great when the rain has put out your fire and you need to get it restarted, clearanced, $0.88 ea x 3 = $2.64. Now onto my great finds:
Glade Lasting Impressions 2 x $5.00 = $10.00 - 2 $4.00 MC = $2.00/2 (Plus I ended up with 3 $1.00 off Refills MC & 3 $3.00 Lasting Impression Coupons from inside the pkging - Good through 06/30/2010
Caramel Toffee Popcorn $1.00 - MC $0.50/1 = $0.50
Fiber One Granola Bars 2 x $2.74 = $5.48 - 2 $1.35 MC = $2.78/2 pr $1.39 ea
Kraft Dressing $1.58 - MC $1.50/1 = $0.08
Walmart Breadsticks with Cheese (I didn't even know they made these any more - Haven't had them since I was little) $1.25
Total for everything with Tax $19.75 (But when you consider 11.92 was the hubby's things and $1.22 was tax, my coupon buys/groceries only total $6.61)