Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday's Crazy Rite-Aid Trip

Well, I usually LOVE Rite-Aid, but after this fiasco of a trip, I am beginning to get a little concerned!  Joe and I stopped in Sunday evening to get a few of the deals for this week, well, after I checked out, I thought my total had been a little high, so I checked my receipt, and it turns out that the Natrol Biotin did not ring up BOGO free, even though it states 'any' in the ad, so the manager did a return of some sort and gave me a $9.99 gift card.  When I checked out I gave them a SCR check to pay, and the manager told the cashier to ring it as a check (should be rung as cash), so it took off the whole total of $19.18, and no one noticed but me.  Then as I was getting ready to type this post yesterday, I noticed that the Chex mix had rung up at full price too, $2.55 ea with my discount.  So today when I took my mom to the grocery store, I ran in to get that refunded as well, and the same manager tried to tell me that only the smaller size was on sale, when in the ad it states '3-8.75 oz,' and this was the 8.75 oz bag!  Luckily one of my favorite cashiers was there, and she had my back, so twenty minutes later, I received my $6.20 back - Ugh!  That's all I have to say, Ugh, but now that I've vented, on to the deals...

4 bags of Chex Mix $3.19 ea - $2.19 ea Sale/Refund - $0.50/2 MC (newspaper) - $1/4 Rite-Aid Video Coupon = $0.50 ea or 4/$2
2-100 ct bottles Natrol Biotin $9.99 ea - $2 card discount - $9.99 Sale/Refund - $3/1 MC (All You Magazine) x 2 - $3 UP+Reward wyb 2 (should have been $2, but that's okay!) = 2 FREE + $3.01 Money-maker!
1 Thermacare Heat Wrap $3.99 - $0.99 Sale - $3 UP+Reward = FREE!
- $2 UP+Rewards used to Pay
- $4.99 SCR, incorrectly rung as 19.18
Total OOP, no tax: Zero!  Earned $9.99 and $6.20 in Refunds and $6 UP+Rewards!

*I felt kinda bad that I might have cheated them out of some money (like $15), so sat down and did the math, even though the check was rung wrong, and it wasn't my fault, truth be told, that if things would have rung up correctly to begin with, I would have only owed $2.  That makes me feel a little better.  But I really hope that next week goes a LOT smoother!