Friday, April 17, 2009

You have mail...

When I arrived home I got the mail & guess what was in it... A rebate check from Rite-Aid from last months SCR items, $12.99 worth, and of course it came today because when I was out I stopped at the bank, and now I have to go back to the bank... But I'm not complaining, every little bit helps.
Also in my mailbox was a HUGE box from Bzz Agent. It was my Game Wave system, 2 games and 2 bonus controllers. I am going to preview it and review it for them, and then I get to keep it forever, yes you read that right, FOREVER! I am super 'stoked' to play with it, just as soon as my hubby sets it up for me, maybe I'll even let him play as a reward, j/k...
P.S. Butterscotch is pretty happy about the Game Wave as well...

Grocery Shopping Day!!! 04/17/09

Hit up Shopper's in Westminster for a few needed items, not any really good sale items this week, and no coupon deal going on... :-( But, I did score some reduced TP for only $1.99 and some pineapple tidbits for only $0.69. I only used 3 coupons today (sour cream, bread & bisquick), my mom was shocked!

Michael's with my Mom 04/17/09

Stopped into Michael's with my mom. I got these cool mugs to paint and fill with candy for some of the kids in our family for Christmas, and a pair of bunny egg tongs for dying eggs next year.
Mugs $3.99 on clearance + Bunny tongs $0.38 on clearance = $4.37 + Tax Yay!