Friday, July 19, 2013

Frugal Finds Friday: Shop a Flea Market

Shopping at yard sales and flea markets can save you a boat-load of money, as long as you only purchase needed items, and stay within your budget.  Joe and I frequent the flea markets in our area, and stop at year sales when they are available.  Pictured above is one of our flea market stops from June.  I was in the process of redoing our hall closet, which has no doors, so everything is visible, and baskets are so much nicer to look at then just stuff.  So, I knew what I needed, approximately, and out I went in search.  I was able to pick up 2 large baskets, one of which now holds pillow cases (1 is on my basket shelf, waiting for a use), for just $1 each.  These baskets would have cost at least $10-$12 each at Micheal's prior to a coupon, that's at least an $18 savings!  The 3 smaller flat baskets, also just $1 ea are from some fancy store, maybe Pier One; the seller told me his wife paid about $8 a piece for them --- wow!  That's a $21 savings!  Lastly we picked up beef jerky for Joe 3/$1, and Crystal Light sticks for me for $1.  I'm not sure the savings on these since we usually don't buy the jerky, and Crystal Light sometimes has sales and coupons.  But, the baskets alone saved me $39, and I have a beautiful hall closet, and utensil drawer to show for it...
 7 baskets in the Hall Closet, total cost: $4.25
Misc Utensil Drawer, 3 baskets, total cost: $3

What's your frugal find for this week?

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