Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Final week in the Official Eat From the Pantry Challenge

Well, the ballots are in and tallied, and it seems that we went over budget for the month, but only by $0.09, so I am SO OKAY with that :-) Even though this is the final week in the 'Official' Eat from the Pantry Challenge, our challenge will continue through February. Joe and I are going on a stock-up mission on Monday for some basics that we are out of (cat food, litter, flour, sugar, etc), and then we will have a set budget again for February to see if we can completely clean out our 2 freezers!!!! I will be super excited if we can accomplish this!!!
Totals for Week #4:
Food - $3.29
Health & Beauty - $5.34
Household - $2.12
Total: $10.75 - $10.66 remaining budget = $0.09 Over! (But I still think that we did a wonderful job!)
Eating Out: (different budget, but I'll share anyway) $6.78 for 1 lunch out at BK for Joe and I.