Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 07/21-27/2013

This week I spent more than I wanted to, but there was the monthly BJ's trip, and that always runs us on the high side for that week.  Next week we'll be away at a Flea Market, so I won't be able to do much shopping after Sunday.  Here's what we ended up with this week...
  • Sunday's Shopper's Trip (donuts, and Doritos): $4.98 oop
  • Giant Trip (2-100 ct boxes Tea Bags): $2.50 oop
  • Wednesday's BJ's Trip: $50.42 oop, Earned $2 Refund
  • Wednesday's ALDI Trip (Lettuce and Shredded Cheese): $5.28 oop
  • Wednesday's CVS Trip: $0.79 oop 
  • Wednesday's Dollar Tree Trip (6-1 lb bags Evap. Sugar Cane, and 2 bags 'Doritos'): $8 oop 
  • Saturday's Shopper's Trip (2 newspapers, 2 donuts): $5.97 oop
Total OOP: $77.94 - $2 Refund = Net OOP: $75.94

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