Friday, July 5, 2013

Frugal Find Friday: Refillable Cooking Spray

I like to spray my pan with cooking spray before I do things like fry an egg or bake french fries.  However, with the new healthier life style my husband and I are trying to live, I was very surprised when I started reading what was in cooking sprays.  A LOT of things that I couldn't pronounce, including propellants which helps with the spraying action.  Eww!  So I was on a quest to find something else that would serve the same purpose, but didn't gross me out with all of it's additives.  I was in Kohl's one day, and then I found this...

(amazon affiliate link above)
...encircled with a glowing halo of light of course :)
I LOVE IT!  I works super well.  I can easily fill it with whatever my oil preference is (I use Olive), and twist on the top, pump, and spray.  Not only is it healthy (no weird ingredients), but green (totally reusable), and uber frugal (no more buying a replacement every month or so).
In my opinion, you should definitely get one as your budget allows, it will save you a ton in the long run!

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What's your frugal find for this week?