Saturday, January 14, 2017

Budget Review for 2016

This year  f-l-e-w by, just like that.  It seems like we were just getting started, and now it's over and done with - crazy how life works that way.  But, anyway, we're here to discuss the budget for the year, and I am VERY happy to say that we were UNDER budget for 2016!!!  I love when we come out ahead for the year!  I added the money into my new January 2017 grocery money envelope, and I'll use that to stock on meat as I see good deals.  Below you can see how my spending broke down each month - if you click the links you can see my spending in more detail.  I love looking through these summaries each year to see what great deals I was able to pick up at different points throughout the year.  Each month brings different sales and coupons, and I love seeing how it all comes together - the big picture if you will.  Anyway, poke around and let me know what your favorite deal was from 2016!
  • January: $314.36 oop ($35.64 under budget -- added to February's money), Earned $88.27
  • February: $341.59 oop ($44.05 leftover and added to March's money), Earned $49.39
  • March: $371.36 oop ($22.69 leftover and added to April's money), Earned $52.98
  • April: $309.92 oop ($62.77 leftover and added to May's money), Earned $58.59
  • May: $288.88 oop ($123.89 leftover and added to June's money), Earned $42.25
  • June: $411.06 oop ($62.83 leftover and added to July's money), Earned $79.10
  • July: $369.35 oop ($43.48 leftover and added to August's money), Earned $52.55
  • August: $355.49 oop ($37.99 leftover and added to September's money), Earned $36.94
  • September: $360.85 oop ($27.14 leftover and added to October's money), Earned $41.35
  • October: $334.97 oop (41.17 leftover and added to November's money), Earned $82.45
  • November: $455.90 oop ($10 leftover and added to December's money), Earned $155.27
  • December: $267.17 oop ($132.83 leftover and added to January's money), Earned $58.10

Total OOP: $4,180.90
Total Earned: $797.24
Total Remaining from 2016: $132.83!!!!!!

December Budget Update

December was a crazy month, filled with work, and teas, and family get togethers, and dinners, and fellowship with friends, and parties, and movies, and shopping, and presents, and you get the idea.  Because of that, this is super late getting posted, and for that I am sorry.  I have missed blogging, but it was also nice to have a little break from the online world.  It feels great to be back though.  I am so excited to share that we ended the year on a high-note budget-wise!  I LOVE when that happens -- get the dets below, and I'll be back soon with more posts....
  • Week #3: $84.05 oop, Earned $40 from Baking for others
  • Week #4: Zero oop, Earned Zero
Total OOP: $267.17
Total Earned: $58.10
Total Remaining from December: $132.83!!!!!
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Weekly Spending Report: 12/18-24/2016

This week I did very little shopping.  I stopped into Dollar Tree on Monday to pick up some stocking stuffers and graduation cards.  But I was feeling pretty ill, so I ended up sending Joe out to ALDI on Tuesday.  He's getting pretty good at following my lists.  I've been sick off and on all week, and I'm just tired.  We are both off of work for three days this weekend, so I am looking forward to a lot of rest, good food, family fellowship, presents, and binge-watching holiday movies!  I will try to share the deals we pick up at the after-holiday sales on Monday - I am so excited for those!  But, without further ado, my spending breakdown for this week...
  • Monday's Dollar Tree Trip: $11.54 oop (included, but not pictured are 3 more graduation cards)
  • Tuesday's ALDI Trip: $72.51 oop
  •  $40 Baking Cookies for Friends and Family (added to grocery money)
Total OOP: $84.05
Total Earned: $40
Total Remaining for December: $132.83 (includes $40 added in from baking)