Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday's CVS Trip

After a much needed vacation from Walgreen's and CVS, I decided that this was the week to get back into the game, at CVS at least!  I plan to go back again on Saturday to get more soda and another razor, as the limit appears to be more than one!  Here's what I ended up with...
5-12 pks Coke Products (not pictured) $6.29 ea - $3.29 ea Sale - $5 ECB wyb $15 = 5/$10
1 Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds Cereal Cup $1 - Free Item Coupon from Red Coupon/Scanner $1 = FREE!
1-5 ct pkg Zyrtec $6.99 - $1 Sale - $3/1 MC (in-store display) - $5.99 ECB = FREE $3 Money-maker!
1 Hydro Silk Razor (if you haven't tried these yet, they are wonderful!) $12.99 - $3 Sale - $4/1 MC (newspaper) - $4 ECB = $1.99
+ $1.50 Tax
- $4.87 ECB's used to Pay
Total OOP: $20.61, Earned $14.99 ECB's!!!!

Thursday's Jo-Ann's Trip

Thursday, Joe needed some grommets for a tent he was fixing, so we stopped into Jo-Ann's and I found the clothespins that I have been looking for to organize my ribbon stash (post on that later).  Here's how it went down...
1-30 ct bag Clothes Pins $4.99 - 40% off Mailer Coupon ($2) = $2.99
1 pkg Brass Grommets $8.49 - 50% off In-ad Coupon ($4.25) = $4.24
+ $0.43 Tax
Total OOP: $7.66!

Wednesday's Dollar Tree Trip

Wednesday Joe and I stopped at a different Dollar Tree while we were in Cockeysville with Joe's Grandfather.  I was finally able to find some more felt sheets!  Here's what we got...
2-14 ct pkgs Felt Sheets $1 ea = 2/$2
1 box Duncan Hines Brownie Mix $1
1 pkg Lettuce Seeds (for our Garden) $0.25
+ $0.12 Tax
Total OOP: $3.37

Tuesday's Rite-Aid Trip

Tuesday, after my mom and I finished grocery shopping, we stopped into Rite-Aid, so I could get some cheap candy and antibiotic ointment.  Here's what I ended up with...
Transaction #1:
Breathe Rights (for my Mom) $13.99 - $2.80 card discount - $2/1 MC - $1 UP+Reward = $10.19
2 bags Russell Stover Chocolate Easter Eggs $1.29 ea - $0.29 ea Sale - $1 UP+Rewards wyb 2 = 2/$1
+ $0.80 Tax
- $10 Cash from Mom
Total OOP: $1.99, Earned $2 UP+Rewards (my Mom let me keep her's, since she doesn't shop there often)

Transaction #2:
1-2 pk small Organizer Baskets (for the medicine drawer) $1 - $0.20 card discount = $0.80
2-2 pks Rite Aid Antibiotic Ointment $9.99 ea - BOGO Free Sale - $2 UP+Rewards x 2 - $3 SCR = 2/$2.99!
1 bag Dove Dark Chocolate (for my Mom) $4.99 - $1.50 Sale = $3.49
+ $0.26 Tax
- $10 UP+Reward used to Pay
- $3 Cash from Mom
Total OOP: $1.54, Earned $4 UP+Rewards and $3 SCR!

Another Organized Kitchen Cupboard - Check!

Here's the before of our main food/pantry cupboard.  Not horrible, but in definite need of a little organizing and tidying.  After I took everything out, wiped down the shelves, threw away a few expired items, I could reorganize the shelves in a way that made more sense to me.
And, here's the after picture.  I LOVE my pantry now, everything I use pretty much everyday is all in one spot!  The top shelf has a basket with my onions stored inside, as well as a jar of mini saltines (missing from picture, Joe was using them at the moment), popcorn kernels, and Melba toasts.  There is also a vintage Kellogg's tin with my travel drink sticks inside.  To the right of the popcorn are a few seasonings to put on top of popped popcorn.
The second shelf has a basket for white/Russet potatoes, as well as one for sweet potatoes.  I have 3 boxes of organic penne pasta and 2 of organic spaghetti right now, as well as 2 boxes of taco shells and 1 bag of egg noodles.  The jars hold jasmine rice, lentils, barley, and long-grain white rice.
The bottom shelf has syrups and sauces, as well as canned tuna/salmon, natural peanut butter, and also my recipe box.  The right side has seasoning packets, pouches of tuna/salmon, my crystal light mixes, croutons, and various other seasonings (i.e. shake and bake, veggie flakes for dips, larger containers of chili and fajita seasonings, etc).
This is the cupboard above my pantry cupboard.  I only took one picture, because other that moving all of the drink mixes into this cupboard on the left, it really only needed a little tidying up.  This cupboard has lots of various drink mixes on the left (all Joe's), and extra pasta, rice, shake and bake, and a couple hamburger helpers on the right.  (P.S. I know that Hamburger Helper is terrible unhealthy, but every once in a while, I just have to have a bowl, you know what I mean?!)

So how are your pantry cupboards looking?  If a tidying is in order, make the time and knock this project out, and if your like me, you'll LOVE your results!

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