Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home Update #3

Last week my mom was admitted to the hospital, and will hopefully be coming home tomorrow.  Needless to say, that between visiting her for long hours, and trying to keep up with my normal household duties, and work, things have been CRAZY!  However, I did manage to keep up with this organizing challenge, it's actually been kind of relaxing to get rid of excess clutter.  Here's how last week went...

Day #6: Kitchen 'Other' Drawers and Cabinets
Items De-Cluttered:13

Day #7: Cookbooks and Recipes
Items De-Cluttered: 50
I do not have a picture of the items I got rid of, but this is the 'after' of my Cookbook shelf, much better!
Day #8: VHS Tapes, DVDs, and CD's
Items De-Cluttered:160
(this only includes DVDs and VHS tapes, because that is as far as I've gotten, still working on this one)

Day #9: Desk
Items De-Cluttered: 26 (all paper trash) 
Here's the final product:
The white pan is my 'action box' for now, it has things I need to type or look up on the internet, by the end of summer, it will be empty though!

Day #10: Children's Books
Items De-Cluttered: Zero!  :-(
Unfortunately, Joe and I are not in the season of our life where this applies to us yet, so nothing to de-clutter today.

Total Items De-Cluttered for Days #6-10:249
(257 Items Ahead)

Menu Plan Monday: July 16th 2012

Last week was suppose to be rather laid back, but then my mom was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on top of her congestive heart failure and fluid retention.  She is hopefully coming home tomorrow, but we'll have to wait and see what the PT says.  Needless to say we didn't really stick to the menu plan much.  This week is also going to be haphazard as well, at least until my one sister gets back from the beach.  I'll be cooking for my mom, dad, and Joe and I for a few days, so my menu plan is already out the window.  I didn't want you all to think I had abandoned things here in the frugal neighborhood, but sometimes life happens, and fun things, like blogging, get put on hold.
I plan to be back in full swing and menu-planning action next week!

But for some AWESOME Menu Plans, visit Org Junkie!

Weekly Spending Report: 07/08-14/2012

Here's this week's spending totals...
  • Monday's Staples Trip: $31.84 oop, Earned $9.73 Easy Rebate
  • Saturday's Shopper's Trip (no post, just 2 newspapers): $4.24 oop
Total OOP: $36.08 - $9.73 Earned Rebates = Net OOP: $26.35!

Last week's Staples Trip

Last Monday, Joe stopped into Staples to pick up some deals for me, and found me a case to store our DVD's in, which we have been looking for for quite some time now.  Here's how it went down... 
2-24 ct Roseart Crayons $1 ea - $0.99 ea Sale = 2/$0.02
2 Bic Round Stick Pens $1.99 ea - $1.98 ea Sale = 2/$0.02
1 Scotch Super Glue $2.99 - $0.43 Coupon* - $2.99 Easy Saver Rebate = FREE + $0.43 Money-maker!
2 Staples School Glue $0.75 ea - $0.74 ea Sale = 2/$0.02
1-50 ct Staples Page Protectors $5 - $0.71 Coupon* = $4.29
1 CD Wallet $19.99 - $2.85 Coupon* = $17.14
1 pkg Staples Multipurpose Paper $6.99 - $1 Coupon - $6.74 Easy Saver Rebate = FREE + $0.75 Money-maker!
+ $1.81 Tax
Total OOP: $31.84, Earned $9.73 Easy Saver Rebates!