Thursday, March 17, 2016

Frugal Finds: March 2016 Edition

I usually don't share my Dollar Tree deals in such detail, but I wanted to let you all know about some of the AWESOME items they have in stock right now.  I LOVE to watch Dollar Tree haul videos, mostly just to see what cool things people are finding, and sometimes I add items to a running list I have of things to look for when I shop there.  That way when I have time to shop alone, I can focus on finding the things I wanted to at least look at, even if I decide not to buy them.  So anyway, here are some of the great things I found this month when I stopped in -- I hope you find some great deals if you shop there too...
  • 300 count Star Stickers $1 -- we use these on Howard's reward chart when he has a good day, which is actually most days.
  • 2-9 count Hangers with Sticky Backings $2 -- These are not re-position-able like Command hooks, but they get the job done.  I especially like to use these in cupboards to hold scrubbers and rags to dry.  These will be used in the laundry room when I do my decluttering there.
  • 1-3 pack Purell Hand Sanitizers $1 -- I like to keep one of these in my purse, and the diaper bag, and my car...  They are the larger small bottles (if that makes sense), at Wal-mart these would run over a $1 each so three for a $1 is a really good deal!
  • 1-2 pack of Gel Pens $1 -- These work really well, and I like that they are little thicker than most pens, but also not huge. 
  • 1 Washi Tape $1 -- I love to use washi tape on my planner, and also for cards I send.  I thought that this would be a nice design to use for Spring and Summer this year.  I don't buy a ton of washi tape, but occasionally I'll find something I like and get it.  
  • 1-3 pack of Kid Socks for Howard $1 -- Howard actually really likes these socks.  So, I guess they are comfortable.  I got them mainly because of the dinosaur design, since he loves the Dinosaur Train show.  Three pairs for a buck is an AMAZING deal.  I've also washed them a few times and they seem to be holding up fairly well.  I have already purchased a three-pack of striped socks for him as well.  
  • 1 Oven Mitt + 1-2 pack of Pot Holders $2 -- I LOVE that these are teal; I love teal!  I bought these to replace the ones we have in the RV, which are from the 80's and are getting pretty thin. 
Have any of you been to the Dollar Tree recently?
Find any great deals?