Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now, this is what I call left-overs!!!

I know what you are thinking, 'eewww, leftovers.' My husband was the same way when I first met him. However, it isn't leftovers that are gross, it is usually how they are prepared, and I prepare GREAT leftovers, or at least that's what I'm told! :-) Using up leftovers is one of the key principles of being frugal; wasted food you got really cheap or free is still wasted food. I always try to plan my meals around what's in the pantry, freezer, etc, but I also try to keep the fridge cleaned out as well. Tonight I took leftover pasta (Joe and I never eat a whole box, so I just keep it in a jar until we need it), leftover steamed broccoli, and then I added some Alfredo sauce, cooked chicken from the freezer, and a can of diced tomatoes, and I got this pasta creation -- very DELICIOUS!!! Add some leftover salad and garlic bread from the other night, and you have dinner.

Sign-up to Become a Buzz Agent

There is this wonderful organization that allows you to try full size products and sometimes provides you with high-value coupons, all in exchange for promoting the way you feel about the product, good or bad. You earn points to add to your MyPoints account* when you complete the end of the campaign survey.
This campaign I received two full size mascaras to try out. They are suppose to lengthen and boost your lashes. I have to take pictures of the before, through the process, and after, for 4 weeks. I will be posted the progress on here as well, so you all can give me your input too!
To sign up, go to:
* I'll explain MyPoints in a whole separate post!

Always sign up for FREEBIES!!!!

This is just a reminder that you should ALWAYS sign up for Freebies if it is something that you can use, or you know someone who can, because they DO come...
Friday I got these FULL size FREE bottle of Suave shampoo. I have no idea where I signed up for it, or when, but it has arrived.

Rite-Aid Trip For Last Week

Stopped into Rite-Aid to drop off a prescription with a FREE $25 gift card coupon & picked up some deals while I was there...
4 pks Stay-Free 3.99 ea - BOGO Free Sale x 2 - BOGO Free MC x 2 = 4 FREE
6 Nivea Lip Balms $2.99 ea - BOGO Free Sale x 3 - BOGO Free MC x 3 = 6 FREE
1 Listerine $3.50 - $1/1 MC - $3 SCR = FREE + $0.50 MM
1 Wet & Wild Face Powder $2.99 - 40% off Sale - $1.79
1 pair Sunglasses for Joe on Clearance for $9.99 (Originally $39.99 -- I mean come on!)
+ Tax $0.77
- $5/25 Purchase RA Coupon
Total OOP: $10.05 (Paid with Gift card so no OOP to me) - Expected SCR $3 = $7.05!!!!
Plus I earned 8 'The Game of Life' tickets, a sweepstakes that Rite-Aid is running now. One for making a purchase, 1 for the Listerine (Bonus ticket), & 6 for the Nivea Lip balms. Each ticket has 4 game pieces, a sweepstakes piece to win a cruise, and a coupon to be used at Rite-Aid -- Pretty SWEET deal, don't ya think?!

Eating from the Pantry Update #1

Joe and I have done a VERY good job of eating at home this week, eating our planned menu, and cleaning out our pantry & freezer!
Spending Update:
Food: $23.57
Health & Beauty: $2.05
Household: $24.51
Total Spent for Week #1 of the Challenge: $50.13
I know that is pretty much 1/2 of our budget for this month and it's only the first week, however, we shouldn't have to buy litter any more this month, and maybe only 1 more $7 bag of cat food. Plus, I CAN'T find FL Navel oranges any where, so I can't spend $ on those if I can't find them. Looks like it's going to be lots of apples and bananas this month :-s
How is everyone else doing on their challenge?