Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning Day #2

Joe and I continued our Spring cleaning this week. We focused on the Bathroom last Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is what we accomplished...
Left side 'vanity' drawers before

Right Side 'Vanity' drawers before

Underneath the bathroom sink before

Left side 'vanity' drawers after - YAY!

Right side 'vanity' drawers after - YAY!

Underneath the sink after - YAY!

I also re-organized this hanger we have on the inside of the cabinet door that opens the underneath of the sink.
This Spring cleaning up and out is taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but that's okay, because anything worth doing is worth doing well :-)
How is everyone's Spring cleaning coming along?

Weekly Spending Totals!

This was a high spending week for us, as we were out of kitty litter, and for some reason, even with a sale and coupon it's still outrageous when you have more than one kitty :-) We also stocked up on whole chickens at Food Lion...
Food: $19.80
Health & Beauty: $6.53
Household: $15.84
Total for the Week: $42.22

Eating Out: $40.49 (We MUST work on this, this week!)

Last Week's Walgreen's Trip

Joe and I stopped into Walgreen's this past week to grab the one good RR deal they had, and we able to pick up a few things for resale!
4 Butterball Chicken Broths 4/$3 - $1 in-ad C = 4/$2
2 Planter's Trail Mixes $1.50 ea on Sale - $1/2 IVC - $1.50/1 MC x 2 = 2 FREE + $1.50 MM
1 Extension Cord on Clearance $0.25
1 Colgate Toothpaste $2.99 - $2 RR = $0.99
20 Metal Rulers (for resale) $0.09 ea = $1.80
+ Tax $0.49
Total OOP: $6.53 + Earned a $2 RR for next time!