Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 12/08-14/2013

This week I did my big December shopping trip for baking supplies, as well as the things we will need for Christmas dinner.  We also needed some things which we had run out of like tea bags, bottled water, milk, and cold medicine.  Joe also used 2 $10 Kohl's coupons to get me 3 Christmas presents!  Overall I'm please with what I got for the price I paid.  The rest of the month will be a lot easier on the budget.  Here's what we ended up with...
  • Monday's Giant Trip (no picture, Milk, Chips, and 2 boxes Hot Cocoa): $9.42 oop
  • Monday's ALDI Trip (no picture, lots of baking supplies - eggs, margarine, flour, sugar, shortening, morsels, PB, and lots of cheeses we were out of - Parmesan, Ricotta, Shredded Mozzarella and Cheddar, as well as things for Christmas dinner like Green Beans, Sour Cream, and Onion Soup Mix, and snacks like Pop-Tarts and Granola Bars for Joe): $56.35 oop
  • Wednesday's Giant Trip (no picture, 2 Ketchup, 4 boxes Tea Bags, and 1 bag of Chips): $10.79 oop
  • Wednesday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, just 2 bottles of 'Robitussin DM'):  $2 oop
  • Saturday's Shopper's Trip (no picture, 2 cases H2O, 2 Newspapers): $13.13 oop
  • Saturday's Kohl's (no picture, 3 Christmas Presents, used 2 $10 coupons): $10.57 oop
Total OOP: $102.26, that's a lot for us, but I'm also done all my baking supply shopping for the season, and I have everything I need for Christmas dinner, but the ham, which Joe's grandfather buys every year.  The rest of the month should be much easier on the budget :)

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