Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekly Spending Report: 12/22-28/2013

This week Joe and I did a lot of after Christmas deal shopping, but I haven't listed it here because I came out of a different budget.  We were able to stock up on cups, and plates, and got quite a few Christmas presents bought.  It was so much fun; I look forward to it every year!  Here's what we ended up with in the home front...
  • Thursday's Wal-mart Trip (no picture, 2-12 double roll pks Wal-mart TP): $13.72 oop
  • Thursday's Thrift Store Trip (1 'bring the baby home from the hospital' outfit, if it's a boy, 2 short sleeve shirts for mommy, 1/2 price day!): $7.97 oop
  • Friday's ALDI Trip (no picture, Cleaning Wipes, 2 Sour Creams, 5 blocks Cream Cheese (for cheesecake!), Onion Soup Mix, Broccoli, and Croutons): $15.29 oop
Total OOP: $36.98, much better than last week, and next week we are starting a freezer/pantry challenge, so it should continue to stay in check!