Saturday, October 8, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #8 - Use Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are another great way to save money - they are usually free, and only require a few minutes of your time to sign up for, but the benefits are so worth it!  Most drug stores and grocery stores have rewards programs along with a few 'department-type' stores.  These generally include sale prices and extra coupons.  At most places these in-stores promotions can be paired with manufacturer coupons for even more savings.  My two favorite programs are at CVS and Giant.  CVS has the Extracare Program; this alone will give you sale prices, CVS store coupons, and the ability to earn Extracare Bucks.  There are also the Beauty Club and the Pharmacy Rewards programs that you can sign up for to earn additional Extracare Bucks to spend on whatever.*  I use to shop all three drug stores in our area each week, all of which had their own rewards programs.  I have only continued to shop at CVS because I feel that their program is the most efficient and effective for my family.
Giant is another favorite of mine.  I LOVE that I can earn cents-off each gallon of gas, just by purchasing my groceries each week.  They also have Giant coupons that you can add to your card and then pair with a manufacturer coupon for some AWESOME savings!  Giant is a little on the expensive side for most things, so we do the bulk of our shopping at ALDI, but they have great sales and a wonderful selection of clearance throughout the year. 
So, check if the stores you frequent offer rewards programs - it might just save you some serious coin!

*I think that things like prescriptions and stamps, etc are excluded, but I would say that 98% of what they sell can be bought using ECB's*
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Weekly Spending Report: 10/02-08/2016

This week began a new month, which means a new grocery budget and a full grocery envelope!  I also added in the $27 I had leftover from September, which gives me $377 for October.  I did a good bit of stocking up this week since there were some great sales and coupons available.  Things like the vitamins, lotion, diapers, fiber bars, and boneless skinless chicken breast were all excellent deals!  I also restocked on snack, breakfast, and lunch items.  I spent a little more than I usually like to, but it will all even out over the course of the month.  Here's how my spending went this week...
  • Tuesday's CVS Trip: $28.64 oop, Earned $29 ECB's ($5 Pharmacy Rewards, $5 Beauty Club, $4 Quarterly Rewards, $5 Curel, and $10 Huggies), and $0.20 Mobisave Rebate ($0.10 each for Pasta Sauce, and Dish Soap)
  • Tuesday's ALDI Trip: $46.95 oop (included, but not pictured are 8 gallons of H2O), Earned $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (Tortilla Chips)
  • Tuesday's Giant Trip: $25.73 oop, Earned $0.50 Saving Star Rebate (Fiber One Bars)

Total OOP: $101.32
Total Earned: $29.80
Total Remaining for October: $275.82

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