Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekly Spending Report: 02/02-08/2014

This week we went over budget, but I think it will work out by the end of the month.  Coming out of a month long pantry challenge, there were some things we just needed, like cat food, and I really wanted to take advantage of stocking up on things (like our favorite frozen pizza) for after the baby is born.  Overall I'm very pleased; I feel like I got a lot of quality items for my money, and that's what really matters.  Here's how the week went down...
  • Sunday's Target Trip (no picture, 2 large bags Cat Food, used Target and MC): $21 oop, Earned $5 Gift Card
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $11.79 oop, Earned $13 ECB's
  • Sunday's Giant Trip: $14.79 oop
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $15.83 oop
  • Thursday's Thrift Store Trip: Zero oop, used Christmas $ (got 12 items for $12, Saved $22.88 with Dollar Days Sale, 1 Long Sleeve, 1 3/4 Sleeve, and 2 Short Sleeve Shirts for Me, and 3 Onesies, 2 Leggings, 1 pair Overalls, and 2 Sweat Shirts for Baby Rogers in bigger sizes, which it is very hard to buy neutral in!)
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, just 2 newspapers): $2.12 oop
  • Saturday's Wal-mart Trip (no picture, just 1 jar PB): Zero oop, used gift card
  • Earned 1-$5 Amazon Gift card from Swagbucks  
  • Earned $6.75 from Amazon
Total OOP: $65.53
Total Earned: $29.75
Total Remaining for February: $134.47

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