Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shopping Trips 05/08-05/14!

This past week has been rough with giving tours here at the museum, working at Springfield, and trying to recover from pnuemonia.  I so have the paper to go get another chest x-ray, and I feel that more antibiotics are in my future :-(  Here's what I got while shopping last week...
 Dollar Store Trip: $6.12
 Walgreen's Trip: $23.08, Earned $15 MIR and $4 RR
 CVS Trip: $1.04, Earned $5 ECB's
Rite-Aid Trip #1: $1.31, Earned $6 UP+Rewards, $3.99 MIR, and $2 SCR
Rite-Aid Trip #2 (not pictured, 2 newspapers): $3.40
Rite-Aid Trip #3 (not pictured, 4 pkts Quaker Quick Oats, and a Grabber for my mom, she paid): $19.43, Zero oop for me :-)

Total for the Week: $34.95, and I have $15 in Rewards, and $20.99 in rebates coming my way!

Shopping Trips 05/01-05/07

Sorry for the delay in posts, but I am still trying to recover from pneumonia, and I think that it is actually getting worse.  But I have gone out to do some shopping here and there over the past two weeks.  Here's what I picked up the first week...
 Dollar Store Trip: $8.48
 Rite-Aid Trip: $10.38, Earned $25 in UP+Rewards and a Survey code for a $3/15 Coupon
CVS Trip: $2.29, Earned $6.54 in ECB's

Total for the Week: $21.15, have $31.54 in rewards for next week!