Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekly Spending Report: 01/10-16/2016

This week I spent a little more than I like to -- diapers, I'm talking to you.  Anyway, I am still pleased with what I was able to get for the price.  I was complaining to Joe about the price I paid for diapers at CVS, because I have gotten them much cheaper, and even with two transactions, I still paid more than normal.  Joe said "Laura, do you realize that most moms would kill to get that price on diapers."  Thank you to my husband for the reality check; I need those sometimes, reality checks that is.  So, without further ado, this week's totals...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $32.02 oop, Earned $14 ECB's, $1.16 Find and Save Rebate
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $32.16 oop (included but not pictured are 8 gallons of H2O), Earned $5 Find and Save Rebate for purchasing $25 or more
  • Sunday's Giant Trip: $28.16 oop, earned & 0.50 Saving Star Rebate for the All detergent, and $0.25 Ibotta Rebate for the Marie's Dip
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip: $6.18 oop, Earned $0.50 Find and Save Rebate
Total OOP: $98.52
Total Earned: $21.41
Total Remaining for January: $180.84