Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick Wal-mart stop before my life is FILLED with Fleamkters!

Joe and I made a quick stop in Wal-mart this evening mainly for lunch meat and milk as well as some cold & sinus medicine, which Joe informed me is actually a sin to run out of, I was unaware, but am now glad to be informed of this ;-) Anyway, while he was waiting in the L-O-N-G pharmacy line for the sinus pills, I grabbed some SUPER deals!
1 Gallon 2% Milk (doesn't exp 'til 09/25!) $3.15
1 Grandparents Day Card (which is this Sunday, so if you need a card and haven't got one yet, now would be a good time, selection is already down to almost nothing...) $1.84
1 - 32 oz Mayo $2.50 * Funny Story on this to follow
1 Tub Roast Beef $3.00 (high, but still cheaper than the food vendors at the show this weekend)
2 Clean & Crunch Cat Treats $1.98 ea - $2.00/1 MC x 2 = 2 Free + $0.04 overage
1 Roll of Plastic Painter's Tarp stuff to cover one of our tables at the flea mkt this weekend (not shown) $8.24
+ Joe's Purchase of the Great Value Brand of Advil Cold & Sinus $5.24
Total with Tax ($0.85): $24.78
* Funny Story about Mayo: I was comparing the prices of the Kraft mayo tonight and realized how dumb Wal-mart thinks their consumers are, let me explain. There are 2 ways to buy the Kraft Real Mayo, 1 is a 12 oz glass jar for $2.68 or you can get the 32 oz plastic container (which is what I did) for $2.50. This is NOT a rollback or sale or clearance price, this is the everyday price! I couldn't believe my eyes. I actually scanned the bar code on a price checker thing to make sure I wasn't going crazy! Wal-mart is trying to sell you less than half as much mayo for more money! I know that we are in hard economic times, but give me a break. I'll get off my soap box now, but the moral of the story is, ALWAYS check the unit price of the item, this time it was obvious that the bigger mayo was the best way to get the most for my money, however, that is not always the case... Beware of price deception!