Friday, September 4, 2015

August's Budget Update

August was a month filled with travel, and fun!  Which means is was also a month filled with tasty treats that we only buy when we take trips.  But to help balance out the splurging, we mostly ate from the pantry when we were home.  In the end it all worked out...
  • Week #1: $129.05 oop, Earned $5 ECB's
  • Week #2: $16.95 oop, Earned $1 ECB's
  • Week #3: $81.43 oop, Earned $6.25 ECB's
  • Week #4: $6.24 oop, Earned Zero
  • Week #5: $67.07 oop, Earned $7 ECB's
Total OOP: $300.74
Total Earned: $19.25
Total Remaining for August: Zero

Weekly Spending Report: 08/30-09/05/2015

This week I kind of felt like a hamster in a wheel, running around and not getting any where.  However, I glanced at my to-do list, and things are crossed off, so I must have been more productive than I thought I was.  Anyway, as for shopping this week, I managed to fit that in on Sunday, before my crazy work week started.  Joe also made a visit to the dentist for a tooth extraction, and Howard finally had his 15 month check-up, even though he's almost 16 and 1/2 months old - whoops.  He has a big noggin, but is perfectly healthy, I just hope there's a big brain in there :-)  Anyway, shopping, I keep getting side-tracked, see what I mean.  Or maybe I've been more dog-like than hamster-like, I feel the need to chase after every squirrel I see.  So, I hit my main three stores this week, and this is how it went down...

Sunday's CVS Trip: $8.38 oop, Earned $7 ECB's

Sunday's ALDI Trip: $32.65 oop

Sunday's Giant Trip: $26.04 oop

Total OOP: $67.07
Total Earned: $7
Total Remaining for August: -$0.74, I am totally cool with this since we spent most of the month traveling.  I keep all my change in one coin purse, so there is always coins available to cover going over budget. 

Weekly Spending Report: 08/23-29/2015

This week we got home from Ocean City on Monday, and I spent the rest of week working.  But we had a great time at the ocean.  We spent a LOT of time at the pool at our camp ground, since Howard loved it so much, and it's free.  We also went to Rehoboth and did some shopping at the outlets.  I was in need of bras, Joe needed new tennis shoes, and we found a snow suit for Howard on clearance that should last at least two years (we did not have a snow suit for him last year, but he is much more mobile and playful this year, so I am thinking he will enjoy being able to play in the snow).  We were out of milk and other things, so I sent Joe to the store, he picked up a few things out of the leftover vacation money, so I'm not taking them out of the budget, and thus did not take a picture of them.  So, I only made 1 trip to the Dollar Tree, mostly for newspapers...

Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip: $6.24 oop

Total OOP: $6.24
Total Earned: Zero
Total Remaining for August: $66.33

Weekly Spending Report: 08/16-22/2015

This week we are going to the beach for 8 glorious days of sand and sun!  But before we left, I managed to get to the stores and grab the needed items for our trip, as well as a few great deals.  I'm sorry for the lack of items in the pictures, and the lack of pictures in general, but most everything was loaded into the travel trailer when we got home and not brought upstairs for picture taking first.  Next week, pictures will return ;-)  Anyway, here's how the shopping for the week went...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip (no picture, just a jar of Jif and the free Propel water): $2.32 oop, Earned $6.25 ECB's ($5 from the Pharmacy Rewards program)
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $31.45 oop (not pictured, but included 1 loaf of bread, 3 bottles of apple juice, 1 bag of pistachios, 1 box of crackers, 10 gallons of water)
  • Sunday's Giant Trip: $47.66 oop (not pictured, but included 1 box Pop-Tarts, 3 more boxes of granola bars, 2 boxes of Crystal Light sticks, 1 jar Smucker's jam, 3-6 pks Pepsi bottles, 1 bag Utz chips, and 1 flat iron steak)
Total OOP: $81.43
Total Earned: $6.25
Total Remaining for August: $72.57