Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Budget Update

November was a busting-at-the-seams kinda month.  Things were crazy at work - tea, decorating, and the holiday open house.  Things were super busy at home - cleaning, decorating, baking, meal prep, our annual Thanksgiving family lunch, and Black Friday shopping.  Makes me tired just thinking about it all.  Since there was so much going on in November, I fell behind on keeping my coupons clipped and organized.  I spent more than I'd like to, but I did get a LOT of great deals, some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, and we hosted 14 for Thanksgiving.  I'm just glad that the money was there in the grocery envelope for me to use.  Overall I'm please with what I got, and I am hoping for a lower price-point for my spending in December!  😂
So, below is how my spending broke-down over the month of November...
  • Week #3: $76.82 oop, Earned $20 ECB's

Total OOP: $455.90
Total Earned: $155.27
Total Remaining from November: $10 (includes money added in from baking)
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