Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016 Budget Update

June was a crazy month.  Slower-paced at work, but our home-life was wild.  We had to move into our RV so that some renovations could be done in our apartment.  The updates will be nice when they are finished, but living in a trailer with a two-year-old has definitely not been fun.  Luckily the weather has cooperated for the most part so we have been able to spend a bunch of time outside, and at different playgrounds in our area - Howard is loving all the outdoor playtime.  I was so glad that we have been under budget for the past few months grocery-wise; we had built up a nice money cushion which we then proceeded to blow through this month.  I think I am finally getting into my full-time-RV-living groove, hopefully anyway.  Meal planning, food prep, and shopping while living the RV life are getting easier.  Below is my wrap-up for my June spending, it's a little all over the place, just like we are...
Total OOP: $411.06
Total Earned: $79.10
Total Remaining from June: $62.83
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