Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016 Budget Update

This month I came in under budget again!  I don't know how many more months that will be possible the way Howard is eating.  Howard turns 2 in April, but he eats like a 10 year old, sometimes, other times he barely eats at all - I'm told this is a normal toddler thing - but when he does eat, man he really eats.  Any who, I got a LOT for my money this month - cheap diapers, ground beef, various vegetables, strawberries and so much more!  I am loving the coupon deals that I have been able to score at CVS and Giant lately; I hope that they continue!  Also, the Dollar Tree has really upped their game in what they have to offer.  I have been able to pick up learning items/manipulatives and snacks for Howard, as well as cleaning and crafting supplies for me.  Overall I am really pleased with what I have been able to purchase and still stay under budget.  Here's how my spending went in March...
  • Week #5: $54.38 oop, Earned $6 ECB's

Total OOP: $371.36
Total Earned: $52.98
Total Remaining: $22.69!!!!  
This will be added to April's money, so I will start next month with $372.69!

How did you do with your budget this month?  
Did you get any amazing deals?
Share in the comments below...

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