Saturday, January 14, 2017

December Budget Update

December was a crazy month, filled with work, and teas, and family get togethers, and dinners, and fellowship with friends, and parties, and movies, and shopping, and presents, and you get the idea.  Because of that, this is super late getting posted, and for that I am sorry.  I have missed blogging, but it was also nice to have a little break from the online world.  It feels great to be back though.  I am so excited to share that we ended the year on a high-note budget-wise!  I LOVE when that happens -- get the dets below, and I'll be back soon with more posts....
  • Week #3: $84.05 oop, Earned $40 from Baking for others
  • Week #4: Zero oop, Earned Zero
Total OOP: $267.17
Total Earned: $58.10
Total Remaining from December: $132.83!!!!!
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